The Calming Set

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Skin Serenity Essentials
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Ideal for all skin types
Ideal for all skin types

Gift skin serenity and luminous balance with these calming skincare essentials. Overflowing with nourishing vitamins and beautifying botanicals, this travel-sized skincare ritual reduces inflammation and restores essential moisture — bringing harmony and healing to sensitive, stressed-out skin.

30ml Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleanser
30ml Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist
15ml Happy Hour Balancing Serum
15ml Bless Balm
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what's inside


Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleanser

A brightening daily cleanser formulated with organic tropical oils, vibrant fruit enzymes and opulent floral essences that dissolves oil, impurities and makeup — leaving skin supple and hydrated.

Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist

A nurturing mist that provides enriching moisture and calming hydration, gently balancing redness and inflammation with its blend of pure aloe water, organic floral hydrosols and mineral-rich Hawaiian sea silt.

Happy Hour Balancing Serum

A supportive balancing serum that gently alleviates inflammation, neutralizes redness and soothes irritation with its nourishing cocktail of chardonnay grapeseed oil, antioxidant tea extracts, and blue tansy.

Bless Balm

A luxurious moisture melt that nourishes skin with rich organic butters and cold-pressed beauty oils for unparalleled comfort, dewy softness and elasticity, while indulging the senses with intoxicating aromatherapeutic essences.

The Calming Set Skin Serenity Essentials
Build Your Ritual
Happy Hour Soothing Serum
Happy Hour Soothing Serum

Happy Hour Soothing Serum 46.00 459 reviews

Luminous Balancing Serum
Bohemian Ruby Toner
Bohemian Ruby Toner

Bohemian Ruby Toner 46.00 277 reviews

Balancing Toning Mist
Travel Bohemian Ruby Toner
Travel Bohemian Ruby Toner

Travel Bohemian Ruby Toner 24.00 21 reviews

Balancing Toning Mist