Renewal in a Bottle

Renewal in a Bottle

Formulated with next-generation skincare actives and potent botanicals, Aqua A Retinoid Renewing Serum boosts clarity and breathes youthful vitality into the skin. At the heart of its rejuvenating formula is HPR Retinoid — a novel form of Vitamin A that delivers all the  powerful skincare benefits of retinol without the harsh side effects. 

The Benefits of Vitamin A

From acne and elasticity to wrinkles and roughness, Vitamin A addresses an astounding array of skincare concerns at every age and stage. That’s because of its unique ability to stimulate cell proliferation and turnover by binding to the skin’s retinoid receptors, unlocking a cascade of complexion benefits: 

1. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles while slowing new wrinkle development

2. Improves breakouts, reduces pore size and promotes clarity

3. Helps increase collagen and elastin for greater skin suppleness 

4. Helps fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots

5. Plumps skin and boosts hydration 

6. Improves skin’s overall texture and radiance

A Kinder, Gentler Retinoid 

Aqua A is formulated with HPR Retinoid — a gentle, effective form of Vitamin A that is more bioavailable and less irritating than previous generations of topical retinoids. HPR Retinoid, or hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) is a unique derivative of retinoic acid. Unlike retinol, which requires many steps to convert into retinoic acid, HPR works directly in the skin — minimizing side effects like inflammation, redness, discomfort and sensitivity. HPR is also much more stable than other forms of Vitamin A and has been shown to remain effective in the skin for up to 15 hours! 

Complete Complexion Renewal

HPR isn’t the only powerhouse ingredient in Aqua A’s rejuvenating formula. Supported by plumping ceramides and a potent cocktail of botanical antioxidants and marine superfoods, Aqua A delivers complete complexion renewal and a lit-from-within glow. 

Kakadu Plum Oil: Derived from the fruit with the highest Vitamin C concentration in the world, helping brighten the skin, even tone and protect from UV-damage.

Apple & Argan Stem Cell Extracts: Enhances cellular metabolism while delivering powerful antioxidant protection from signs of aging caused by free-radical damage. 

Ceramides: Replenishes and strengthens the skin barrier and protects from photo damage, supporting maintenance of the natural collagen, elasticity and structural proteins that give skin a youthful appearance.

Sea Cocktail: An amino acid-rich blend of superfood spirulina and green caviar oil that firms, conditions and revitalizes the skin, decreasing inflammation while combating premature aging.

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