Magic Ingredient: Bohemian Black Fango

Magic Ingredient: Bohemian Black Fango

Magic Ingredient: Bohemian Black Fango

What it is

A nutrient and mineral-dense form of kaolin clay that’s been used in skincare treatments for millennia, prized for its nourishing and detoxifying properties.

What it does

Bohemian Black Fango is a superstar decongestant and natural drying astringent, absorbing excess oils while drawing sebum and impurities from deep within the pores.

Where it comes from

A dark earthen clay drawn from the Western Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, Black Fango is naturally rich in humic and fulvic acids that help rejuvenate cellular tissue.

The perfect skin detox

Ideal for oily + combination skin types but gentle enough for all, Black Fango is the heroine ingredient of our Kokoleka Purifying Detox Mask.

In Kokoleka, the cleansing power of Black Fango is paired with delicious cacao powder, soothing coconut milk, colloidal oat powders and nutrient-dense superfood extracts.

Kokoleka’s formula is perfectly balanced to both deeply cleanse and energize the skin. Use 1-2x per week for a skin reset or deep treatment.

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