Aloha Alchemy: Kokoleka Purifying Mask

Aloha Alchemy: Kokoleka Purifying Mask

What is Aloha Alchemy?

Aloha Alchemy is our name for the magic that happens when you mix, match and layer Leahlani products to create bespoke benefits and targeted solutions for your skin. Our products are made to play together, with tropical aromatherapy and sumptuous textures that help you connect more deeply with your skin every time you use them.

Experiment with our three favorite Kokoleka Purifying Mask recipes at home, then make them your own! Your skin is completely unique, so your skincare should be too. 

Three ways to boost Koko’s deep detoxing power:

The Base

Kokoleka is a decadent clay detox mask that deep cleans the pores, combats acne, and boosts hydration for a visibly clearer complexion. Once activated with water, it has the creamy texture of melted chocolate with an indulgent fragrance of ripe oranges and cacao. 

1. The Brightening Boost

Add 1TSP of Kalima to 1TSP Koko before activating with water and mixing well. Kalima’s water-activated Vitamin C brightens and balances skin tone, with tropical fruit enzymes that provide gentle exfoliation to soften skin’s texture. 

2. The Moisture Boost

Instead of activating Koko with water, use our Bohemian Ruby Toner instead! Boho adds an infusion of quenching hydration that helps your skin absorb Koko’s benefits, with soothing aloe vera water to calm sensitized, reactive skin. 

3. The Soothing Boost

Once you’ve activated Koko, blend in a pea-sized amount of Bless Balm before applying to your skin. Bless Balm’s rich and nourishing blend of moisturizing butters and tropical beauty oils helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier, with blue tansy to alleviate redness and inflammation. 

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