How to Solve Skin Texture Troubles

How to Solve Skin Texture Troubles

What is skin texture?

Texture is how we describe the condition of the surface of your skin.

How do I figure out my skin’s texture? 

Use your fingertips! With a cleansed face and clean hands, gently glide your fingertips across your skin and make note of how it feels beneath them.

A healthy and balanced complexion will feel smooth and supple beneath your fingertips, with a relatively uniform texture.  Any variations in texture can tell you a lot about the condition of your skin and what your complexion needs to bring it back into balance.

Here are some common texture concerns and the products you should try to help set them right: 

Uneven Texture

Skin is rough and bumpy to the touch and visibly dull.


Honey Love Exfoliator

Uneven texture can be the result of excess build-up of dead skin cells, and a give you a clue that your skin needs more exfoliation! Our Honey Love Exfoliator is the perfect skincare solve, with gentle microdermabrasion crystals that help smooth the skin and stimulate cellular regeneration. Use 2x a week, making sure to give extra love to rough areas when you exfoliate.

Excess exposure to the sun can also cause texture issues, so be sure you are wearing a daily SPF for protection!

Dry Patches

Skin is course to the touch, with dry patches and flaking.


Aloha Ambrosia Elixir

Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist

Meli Glow Mask

Course texture can be a result of dry and/or dehydrated skin. The best way to hydrate the skin is from within, so be sure you’re drinking enough water and fluids throughout the day. Over-drying can also can also be caused by environmental factors, like A/C in the summer and heaters in the winter. Remember — humidifiers are your friend, especially in the winter months! 

Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized with products that nourish and bring balance, like our Aloha Ambrosia Moisture Elixir and our super hydrating toning mists. Treat your skin to our moisturizing Meli Glow Mask 1-2x a week, and let its honey and hyaluronic acid formula restore your complexion’s suppleness and glow. 

Excess Oil

Skin is slick and oily to the touch, with clogged pores and shiny appearance.


Aloha Ambrosia Elixir

Kokoleka Purifying Detox Mask

Kalima Powder Cleanser

Excess oil and congestion is especially common in the T-zone area aka your nose and forehead. Many make the mistake of trying to dry out the skin to address excess oil, but generous hydration is actually one of the main keys to bring it into balance.  

Opt for a light daily moisturizer like our Aloha Ambrosia Elixir, and use our clay-based Kokoleka Purifying Mask 1x a week to deeply cleanse the pores and draw out excess oils and impurities. Double cleansing daily with Kalima Powder Cleanser as your second cleanse is another great option to help keep your skin deeply cleansed and balanced. Just make sure to allow Kalima to dry completely before rinsing. 

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