The Mineral Magic of Hawaiian Sea Silt

The Mineral Magic of Hawaiian Sea Silt

Learn all about the hydrating mineral-rich majesty of Hawaiian Sea Silt - a heroine ingredient in our Toning Mists! 

The gorgeous sapphire sea water that rings the Hawaiian coasts isn’t just pretty to look at – it  also contains high concentrations of minerals, purifying clays and trace elements that help cleanse and strengthen you skin’s natural barrier. If you’re remembering that dry, tight salty skin feeling from your last beach day, think again. When properly extracted from its salty ocean home, Hawaiian Sea Silt is an excellent hydrator!


The Hawaiian Sea Silt we use in our products undergoes a fermentation process that creates bio-active minerals to make it easier for our skin to process and absorb. That’s where the magic really starts. Once absorbed, Hawaiian Sea Silt optimizes skin’s natural hydration by facilitating a process called aquaporin expression. Aquaporins are 'water channels' in the skin’s membrane that allow water to be transported to the areas where it is needed most, providing ample hydration. 


If all this talk has made your skin thirsty, you can try out the benefits of Hawaiian Sea Silt for yourself with one of our hydrating toning mists!

Not sure which one is best for your skin? 

Try Citrus + Citrine if you have oily, acne-prone or combination skin and want to boost your brightness. 

If you’ve got sensitive, dry or reactive skin that could use balancing, then soothing Bohemian Ruby is your gal. 

Bohemian Ruby Toner
Bohemian Ruby Toner

Bohemian Ruby Toner 34.50 227 reviews 46.00

Balancing Toning Mist
Citrus and Citrine Toner
Citrus and Citrine Toner

Citrus and Citrine Toner 34.50 266 reviews 46.00

Regenerating Toning Mist
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