Meet Team Leahlani

Meet Team Leahlani

Our studio is always alive with love and energy, buzzing with the sounds of soft laughter, music, mixing machines, tape dispensers and the wheels of rolling carts. This is the sound of our small-but-mighty team at work. 

We do not outsource any part of our production – everything in our line is hand-blended, poured, boxed, and shipped from our Kaua'i studio by this incredible group of people. Together with a powerful squad of women working on the mainland in CA, UT and NY, this team is the heartbeat of Leahlani. Let’s get to know them a little bit, shall we?

The Kaua’i Team

Skincare Chefs: Cami and Ming

These two are here each week, mixing and blending fresh treasures to fulfill orders for you and our retail partners around the world. Ming is a sweet and gentle soul who pours so much care and attention into each part of the job. Cami is bright ball of energy with a beautiful smile and positive attitude that fills the whole studio.

Studio Assistants: Rylie and Arianna

They help fill, box, and lid all of our skincare treasures. Rylie is a multi-tasking superstar who is always up for whatever tasks the day has in store, lighting up the room with her radiance. Arianna is one of the newest members of the team. She has a bright and beautiful spirit, and she approaches each task with care and grace.

Wholesale Manager: Adina

Adina is the ultimate problem solver with a beautiful can-do attitude. She manages and nurtures the relationships with all of our retail partners around the globe. 

Packaging & Fulfillment: Kristen and Katie

Kristen is our client concierge who helps with customer care and packaging our online orders. She can package orders in lightening speed and does so with love and attention. She is strong and grounded, and her capable attitude is such a gift. Katie helps to package and fill both our direct and wholesale orders. She is full of vitality and positivity and always leaves you with a smile on your face.

Co-founder and VP: Oliver

Not only is Oliver my husband and the love of my life, he's also the Swiss Army Knife of Leahlani. He manages the back-of-house inventory and ordering, keeps the books, assists with marketing and also makes sure that the studio is packed with everyone's favorite snacks and drinks. He cooks yummy meals for our team and always brings them fresh fruit and veggies from the farm.

The Mainland Team

Brand Director: Hali

In addition to being my sister and best friend, Hali is the mastermind that brings the Leahlani brand to life. She is an absolute superstar and the yin to my yang who turns big ideas into beautiful realities and keeps everyone on track. 

Graphic Designer + Photographer: Ciara

Ciara is a real life unicorn that creates all the visual magic for Leahlani. She pours so much love and attention to detail into every aspect of her job and she wears MANY hats! 

Esthetician, Product Specialist + Partnership Manager: Kass

Kass is warm, thoughtful, lovely, and loves to talk skin! She’s got a bright can-do attitude and pours her heart into every aspect of her job.

Keep Exploring
In Hawaii, we call the time spent causally chatting with dear friends Talk Story. Sharing what’s new and being there for the things that matter most. We invite you to join the Leahlani community as we explore skincare and much more.