Winter Skin Care Essentials

Winter Skin Care Essentials

Embrace the essence of winter skincare with three of our mega-moisturizers: Aloha Ambrosia Elixir, Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir, and Bless Beauty Balm. Let's explore how these treasures can transform your winter skin care routine into a nurturing ritual to balance and nourish your skin.

Aloha Ambrosia Elixir

Morning Antioxidant Boost

Begin your winter mornings with Aloha Ambrosia Elixir, enriched with phyto-botanicals brimming with antioxidants, and moisturizing Aloe Aera oil and Olive Squalane. This formula protects against winter's harsh elements, creating a protective moisture barrier. Apply 1-2 pumps to damp skin after using our Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist, and lock in the benefits with Bless Beauty Balm for sustained hydration and a radiant glow.

Mahina Evening Elixir

Nighttime Nourishment + Aloha Alchemy

Transform night into a time for skin renewal with Mahina Evening Elixir- your ally in beauty sleep. Packed with CoQ10, Marula, Chia Seed, and Prickly Pear, she fights free radicals, deeply hydrates, and enhances elasticity. For a luxurious treat, mix a pearl-sized amount of Bless Balm with 1-2 pumps of Mahina in your palm, emulsify, and massage into your face, neck, and décolleté, awakening to a nourished, radiant complexion.

Bless Beauty Balm

A Steamy Affair

Elevate your bath or shower experience to a luxurious spa ritual, emerging with irresistibly soft and supple skin. Before stepping into the warmth, apply a thick layer of our Bless Beauty Balm to a clean face. The steam helps the rich beauty butters and oils in Bless to penetrate deeply into your skin. Once you step out of the bath or shower, gently massage the balm into your skin to reveal a glowing, deeply hydrated finish.

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