Retinoids In Summertime:
Myth-busting + Tips! 

Retinoids In Summertime: <br>Myth-busting + Tips! 

Retinoids + The Sun 

In the early days of using a retinoid, your skin might feel more sensitive, making you more aware of the sun’s warmth. Are you burning? Not necessarily. Retinoids boost blood flow to your skin, causing you to flush more easily, which can be mistaken for extra  sun sensitivity. Retinoids are photoreactive, meaning they break down when exposed to UV rays, reducing their effectiveness. Despite this, they don’t increase your risk of sunburn! 

Recent research supports that retinoids don’t cause photosensitivity, which means that you can  confidently continue your retinoid regime going year-round! 

Summer-safe Skin Tips For Retinoid Lovers

To use retinoids safely in summer, apply them at night, wash off in the morning, and always use broad-spectrum sunscreen during the daytime. It’s really how you should always do your retinoids, but it’s extra important when you’re getting a lot of sun.

  1. Nighttime Ritual: Apply your retinoid before bed, giving it time to work without UV interference. 

  2. Morning Routine: Cleanse, tone, moisturize & apply your favorite SPF, and head out with confidence.

  3. SPF Love: Reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially with your skin's increased cell turnover.

Post-sunburn Ritual 

Catch too many rays? It happens to the best of us. Here’s our favorite method for treating sunburnt skin. 

Soothe: Use a cool, damp cloth on sunburned areas.

Hydrate: Mist your skin with Bohemian Ruby to calm, quench, and nourish. The aloe vera water in Boho brings a lovely dose of cooling comfort. 

Heal: Apply Happy Hour Balancing Serum 2x a day to help heal and repair the skin. Layer Bless Balm on top to seal in the benefits with a dose of protective moisture.

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