Face Mask Product Comparison Guide

Face Mask Product Comparison Guide

A Deep Dive into Leahlani's Face Masks Collection

The Ultimate Face Mask Comparison Chart

Aloha Alchmey

ə-lō’-hä al-kə-mi

1: The magic that happens when you mix, match and layer Leahlani products to create bespoke benefits for your skin.
Mermaid + Citrus & Citrine

Generously spritz skin with Cici and apply Mermaid to freshly damp skin. The aloe water and hydrosols in our toning mists combined with the raw Hawaiian honey of Mermaid Mask enhance cellular absorption and hydration, for increased moisturizing, nourishing, and invigorating effects.

Meli + Bohemian Ruby

Meli Glow is our superstar moisturizing mask - but for a bonus glow, before applying Meli generously spritz your skin with Boho. After your mask is complete, spritz again with Bohemian Ruby and lock in the moisture by following up with Bless Balm.

Kalima + Kokoleka

Kalima and Kokoleka are our favorite products to utilize in aloha alchemy formulas. Boost the brightening effects of Kalima by mixing the powder with Citrus & Citrine Toning Mist instead of water, and add a pump of Siren Serum. For sensitive skin, we recommend activating Kokoleka with Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist and a pump of Happy Hour or small dollop of Bless Balm, to add calming properties to the detoxifing effects of Kokoleka.

Honey Love + Bless

We call this power couple our Polishing Duo for good reason, as together, Honey Love and Bless Balm transform the skin. To get the most our of your Honey Love experience, leave your Honey Love to sit on the skin for 5+ minutes after manually exfoliating with the corundum crystals. After rinsing clean, massage Bless Balm into your skin, and feel the difference!

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