Make the Kokoleka Spiced Latte

Make the Kokoleka Spiced Latte

The season of crackling fires, rainy days and cozy sweaters has arrived! To celebrate the start of pumpkin spice season, we created an indulgent spiced latte recipe inspired by Kokoleka — the purifying mask that smells good enough to eat.

With tropical flavors of rich chocolate, spicy ginger, sweet vanilla and creamy coconut, the KSL makes the perfect companion to a crisp fall day — or your next masking session. Bring this delicious beverage and your favorite calming playlist along next time you mask for a truly special beauty ritual that indulges all five senses.

Here’s how to make the Kokoleka Spiced Latte!

1. 7oz coffee

2. 2 tsp coconut milk powder

3. 2tsp cacao powder

4. 1/4 tsp ginger

5. pinch sea salt

6. one tahitian vanilla bean scraped (or vanilla extract)

7. about 1/2 cup oat milk

Customize your KSL

1. Make it with coconut milk or cream instead of oat milk, or a blend of the two. Fun fact: there are colloidal oats in Kokoleka!

2. Use fresh ginger instead of ginger powder.

3. Add honey, maple syrup, or melted chocolate chips for a little extra sweetness!

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