Holistic Skincare 101

Holistic Skincare 101

What is holistic skincare? 

Holistic skincare is head-to-toe and more than skin deep — and it’s how we approach skincare at Leahlani! Rather than targeting one specific skincare concern, holistic skincare looks at the overall health and wellbeing of the skin as well as the individual.

Holistic estheticians often use natural and organic products, and may incorporate techniques such as acupuncture and massage into their treatments. They may also consider factors such as diet and lifestyle in their approach to skin care.

Why is it effective? 

Holistic skincare goes beyond surface solutions to address the root causes of skin concerns. It means listening to the deeper stories your skin is telling you about your health, habits, and lifestyle – and bringing them into balance. 

Leah started studying holistic skincare in her 20s after a long struggle with cystic acne, because she knew there was a connection between her acne and larger issues with her health. This lead her to become a holistic aesthetician, healing her skin with the formulas that would eventually become the Leahlani Skincare collection. Read more about Leah’s healing journey HERE.

Support for skin and spirit 

Taking inspiration from Hawaii’s natural beauty and abundant blooming botanicals, we create multi-sensory products that support skin and spirit. When we say paradise, bottled - we really mean that. The ethos of tropical island living is in everything that we do, and we hopefully impart a little bit of serenity, joy, peace, comfort, and self-love to every one of our customers each time you open a jar of Leahlani. 

While the majority of our products are tailored specifically to the skin on the face, holistic skincare goes beyond the face. It includes how we nourish our body, our mental health, how we mediate stress, our quality of sleep, and more.

Whole-body skincare tips + tricks 


Hydration, quality sleep and a balanced diet are an essential part of your skincare routine!


Noticing a change in your skin? Get curious about the causes by making a skin note. Run your fingertips along your clean face and make note of what you feel and see. How do changes to your diet, sleep habits, and skincare routine register on your skin? 


Apply your serums and elixirs all the way down your neck and chest!


Use Bless on chapped or super-dry areas to nourish your nails, knuckles, elbows and heels.


Optimize full-body hydration by applying Coco Infusions right out of the shower on damp skin, or after misting with Bohemian Ruby or Citrus + Citrine toner! 

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