Beauty Oils Product Comparison Guide

Beauty Oils Product Comparison Guide

Discover and Compare Leahlani's Beauty Oils

First things first, what is the difference between a serum and an elixir? The answer is in the intent of the product and the nature of the formula. Leahlani serums are beauty oils formulated to target and address specific skin concerns, offering tailored solutions to improve skin over time. Our elixirs are dual-purpose moisturizing beauty oils, formulated to provide optimal morning and evening moisture while simultaneously delivering nourishing benefits for a radiant complexion.

The Ultimate Beauty Oil Comparison Chart

Aloha Alchmey

ə-lō’-hä al-kə-mi

1: The magic that happens when you mix, match and layer Leahlani products to create bespoke benefits for your skin.

Dive deeper into skincare paradise and try some of Leah's recommended Aloha Alchemy Rituals that feature our Beauty Oils!

Happy Hour + Honey Love

Honey Love's manual exfoliation reveals fresh and vibrant skin, while Happy Hour Serum, infused with calming blue tansy and lavender, adds a layer of moisture and alleviates any redness that may arise from sensitive skin.

Siren + Kalima

Awaken your skin with the invigorating morning ritual of blending Siren Brightening Serum and Kalima Cleansing Powder. Siren's vitality-boosting properties enhance circulation, infusing life into your complexion, while Kalima's water-activated vitamin C illuminates and revitalizes the skin. As a morning mask, this dynamic duo works harmoniously to liven and brighten, leaving your face with a youthful, radiant glow that lasts all day.

Aloha + CiCI

Damp skin is more absorbent than dry skin, which is why it's always best to apply your morning Aloha Ambrosia Elixir to freshly cleansed, dewy skin. To boost the brightness and add an extra dose of moisture, liberally spritz your skin with Citrus & Citrine before applying Aloha Ambrosia. CiCi's hydrating aloe and mineral-rich Hawaiian Sea Silt provide the perfect base to start the day fresh, energized, and deeply moisturized.

Mahina + Kokoleka

Activate your Kokoleka mask powder with two pumps of Mahina Elixir for the ultimate decadent mask experience. While Kokoleka deeply cleanses pores and draws impurities from the skin, adding Mahina's ultra-nourishing beauty oils and CoQ10 can help alleviate redness and sensitivity and provide an extra boost of moisture

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