Magic Ingredients: Aqua A’s Blue Beauty Trio

Magic Ingredients: Aqua A’s Blue Beauty Trio
Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy (also known as Moroccan Chamomile), is a rare and prized ingredient, growing only in the most optimal conditions in Northern Morocco. Its texture is rich, and its color is a jewel-like indigo — reminiscent of the deep blue sea. 

Its signature blue hue comes from the natural chamazulene formed when the plant material is exposed to heat during distillation. Chamazulene is what makes Blue Tansy so magical at helping to calm and soothe skin irritation — reducing inflammation and redness almost instantly. It has a very distinctive scent — sweet like apples with a strong herbaceous aroma that immediately evokes a sense of peace and relaxation.

Rainforest Blue Essential Oil

Rainforest Blue Essential Oil is highly unique and treasured oil harvested from the sub-tropical Australian rainforest and distilled in the Northern Rivers Hinterland of New South Wales. It’s derived from the native Australian Rose Mahogany Tree — so named for the bark’s lovely rose fragrance — and collected ethically from naturally fallen timbers.

Just like Blue Tansy, the rosewood oil's brilliant blue color emerges in the distillation process, caused by a natural compound called guaiazulene. Naturally antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, guiazulene is a powerhouse antioxidant ingredient that helps calm the skin and bring blemishes under control.

Blue Spirulina

Rich in nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty + amino acids, blue spirulina microalgae gets its youth-boosting superpowers (and beautiful color) from a phytonutrient protein called phycocyanin. With an antioxidant capacity 20 times greater than Vitamin C, phycocyanin helps detoxify and slow the skin’s aging process and maintain optimal cell function. Not only can it slow the visible signs of skin aging, phycocyanin actively normalizes damaged cells and helps conserve the antioxidants produced by our bodies that naturally decline with age.

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