The Pink Collection



A complete, luxurious Leahlani skincare ritual in every shade of seashell pink. Cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and indulge with full-sized tropical skincare treasures that unveil your most glowing balanced complexion. Use individually, or create your own aloha alchemy by combining products in this collection together.


The Pink Collection contains four full-sized tropical skin treasures:

  • Bless Beauty Balm
  • Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toning Mist
  • Meli GLOW Illuminating Nectar Mask
  • Kalima Coconut Cream Cleansing Powder

Indulge your sweet skin in a ritual of beauty that will cleanse, hydrate, treat and moisturize. Each product works magic on its own, but I invite you to create some gorgeous aloha-alchemy rituals by combining some products in your collection together.



Meli GLOW + Kalima Cleansing Powder: Blend equal parts of these beauties together for an indulgent treatment mask that will help to brighten the skin and help to promote an even complexion and gorgeous glow.

Kalima Cleansing Powder + Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist: Activate Kalima with Bohemian Ruby for an extra boost of hydration- helping to reduce redness and inflammation.


Bless beauty balm

A delicate, silken moisture melt for your skin. Rich, organic shea and cocoa butters coalesce together with the most salubrious organic and cold pressed beauty oils to nurture and bless your skin (and lips) for an unparalleled softness. The sweet, grounding scent of orange blossom infused with soft and tranquil blue tansy will calm your mind and uplift your spirit. 

Bless beauty balm melts tenderly between your fingertips, leaving your skin feeling smooth as silk. This concentrated beauty balm is free of water, wax and emulsifiers ensuring that every last dollop is full to the brim with 100% potent and pure skin softening and skin loving ingredients. 

This precious, pink beauty has been infused with an abundant amount of aloha.


Meli GLOW nectar mask

Meli GLOW is an illuminating nectar fusion mask made up of enzyme and vitamin rich wildcrafted fruits, nutrient dense beauty oils, skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid and stimulating clays steeped in the creamy fusion of organic Hawaiian raw honey.

Meli GLOW works at the molecular level to increase blood circulation and oxygenation, producing a beautiful and healthy ‘rosy glow’. Your skin will fall in love with the rich, silken texture and uplifting scent of Meli GLOW. Each use will help to strengthen the barrier of the skin, delivering a bountiful dose of active enzymes and antioxidant rich oils that will hydrate your skin and leave you with a supple and unbelievably soft complexion. 


Bohemian Ruby balancing toner

A balancing toning mist carefully formulated for sensitive, dry and delicate skin types. Our selection of botanical ingredients will work in harmony with your skin to gently balance and soothe, providing ample hydration and softness. 

Pure Hawaiian spring water is gently infused with soothing aloe and calendula to heal and repair the skin along with calming and skin balancing essential oils of lavender, blue tansy and rose geranium. Together, this blend of essential oils will help bring balance to the skin and assist in reducing inflammation and redness. Sea silt from estuaries in the sea floor along the pristine coasts of the Hawaiian Islands will optimize hydration and provide the skin with essential minerals that will help to boost cellular metabolism and leave you with a youthful, fresh and revitalized complexion. The kiss of organic hibiscus and witch hazel distillate will help tonify the skin, giving you that fresh and clean feeling. 

Each bottle houses a pure Rose Quartz gemstone that has been purified in the Hawaiian sea and sun. Rose Quartz emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, healing and warmth. Mist often, and may each spray envelop you with pure aloha. 


Kalima cleansing powder

Your cleansing ritual will never be the same. Silken coconut milk, soothing oatmeal, vitamin and antioxidant rich tropical fruits, softening clays and organic vanilla beans come together to create the most exotic and opulent cleansing powder you have ever experienced. 

Activated with water, Kalima will metamorphose in your palm into an effervescent pink potion emanating soft vanilla and citrus notes that will gently exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse your skin, leaving your complexion soft and silken. Each step of cleansing with Kalima is a ritual of beauty, which begins the second you pour its soft powder into your palm.

Organic hibiscus flower, wildcrafted camu camu fruit and water activated vitamin C are a powerhouse trio working harmoniously together to boost collagen production and even out the complexion. When used as a cleansing mask, Kalima is especially magical at helping to fade post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.  


Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil

Fun, fresh and effective, meet your new favorite first-step in your cleansing ritual! Bursting with vibrant notes of juicy pink and white grapefruit, sweet vanilla bean, and exotic plumeria flowers -our Pamplemousse oil cleanser will flirt with your senses while dissolving oils, impurities, and makeup like a boss.

Her ambitious and silken formula of organic tropical oils infused with pineapple and papaya enzymes will glide effortlessly across your face, deeply cleansing while gently exfoliating your sweet skin. She rinses clean with water, and will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft, clean, and supple. This girl does it all!


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