Kauai Life | How To Spontaneously Stay-cation



Living on Kauai and vacationing on Kauai are totally different. Don't get me wrong, Island living is beyond amazing, but when you live here, it's easy to get a little jealous watching everyone enjoy their vacation in the sun. This is why we stay-cate! Because who doesn't enjoy Pina coladas by the beach in the daytime followed by watching a beautiful hula show at night while eating ceviche out of a coconut with a tropical drink in hand?


How do you know if you're in need of a staycation? Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Consistently daydreaming about just lounging around.
  • Feeling the urge to get away, if only for a few days.
  • A strong desire to not wash a dish or cook a meal.

When we are feeling the urge for a relaxing stay-cation, we hop in the car and drive from the North Shore to the South Side to trade the rainy, tropical jungle for the hot and sunny weather that Poipu is famous for having year round. Kauai has several different micro-climates. The North Shore is one of the wettest spots on earth, with an average rainfall of 460 inches per year. The consistent rain is what keeps the North Shore lush and green and full of cascading waterfalls in the distance and beautiful rainbows that drip from the sky. Poipu is known for its sunny skies and gorgeous breezes, perfect for those who are seeking some serious sunshine and an escape from the rain. 

A successful stay-cation takes a little bit of planning, even if it is spontaneous. First things first, hit up the local farmers market for fresh fruit and flowers. Fill up your mini fridge in the hotel room with papayas, pineapple, and mangoes. Adding some flowers to the room will make you feel like you’ve got the deluxe suite!

Next step, don’t forget your spa products! If you aren’t able to book a service at the spa, we recommend bringing all your favorite products along and creating a deluxe spa day of your own. Sit poolside with our coco-infusions and refreshing toning mists. Applying our Mahana Coco Infusion to your hair will not only protect your locks from the sun and pool water, but her gorgeous scent will make you feel like you are on a tropical island with her sweet notes of coconut and vanilla. 






Take Mermaid-ing to the next level by Mermaid Mask-ing in the lagoons and/or sauna. And, this is very important, make sure to ask the front desk for a complimentary robe during your stay! Lounging in a fluffy robe is like floating on a cloud, and lounging in a fluffy robe WHILE mermaid masking? Next level. (Proof in the photo below).


Get to the hotel early (even if your check in is later). The front desk will store your bags for you while you get yourself relaxed at the pool. By the time your room is done, you’ll be ready for a little break from the sun to rinse off before dinner.


The next morning, get to the pool early and claim your spot. The cabanas and primo spots get taken up quickly so make sure to throw down your towels before breakfast, especially if you plan on spending the day poolside. Once you’re all set up, it’s time for that Pina colada you’ve been waiting for. Also, do yourself a favor and rent the pool floaties. We found one with a cup holder in it- double bonus!


Take a walk around the property, sometimes you’ll find hidden hammocks or beautiful gardens that make for great quieter spots. Ask the concierge about any classes or events happening at the hotel. Often there will be complimentary group fitness classes, lei making, or ukulele lessons. Being open to experiencing something new always results in many smiles and new friendships.




When it comes time to check out, don’t panic! Ask the front desk to hold your bags again while you enjoy the remainder of the day by the pool. Stay-cations are not meant to be rushed just because you’re close to home. Make the most of your stay (especially if it’s just for the weekend), you’ll return home feeling refreshed and ready for the week. Or, if you are like us, you will cry a few tears as you leave and the whole ride home, you will be planning your next stay-cation :) And we are planning on there being many, many more!



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