Ingredient Spotlight: Coconut

Learn about the multitude of skincare benefits packed into Hawaii’s most fabulous fruit, and incorporate them into your routine! 


Growing in abundance all over the Hawaiian islands, coconut ranks right up there with honey as one of our favorite natural skincare ingredients. You might even say we’re nuts about it! As milk, oil, or water, its diverse array of benefits have made coconut a key ingredient in three of our favorite Leahlani formulas.


So, why do we love coconut? Let us count the ways…



Vitamin-rich coconut milk adds gentle, moisturizing support to two of our most powerful deep cleansers. A natural skin softener, its rich stores of vitamin E help soothe irritated skin while reducing dryness and flaking. Additionally, the vitamin C, copper, and lauric acid in coconut milk aid in strengthening elasticity and evening skin tone. 


Try it in: 

Kalima Coconut Cleansing Powder
Kokoleka Purifying Detox Mask




Packed with vitamin E and amino acids, coconut oil helps repair the skin’s natural barrier function, with a light consistency that allows it to absorb effortlessly into the skin. It’s also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial (thanks to its high levels of lauric and caprylic acid), which helps the skin fight infection and heal wounds. We use organic, cold-pressed coconut oil in our lush tropical body oils in order to preserve its natural antioxidants and wonderful healing properties.


Try it in: 

Mahana Coco Infusion
Pua Lei Coco Infusion




We love drinking young coconut water straight from the trees around our Kauai Studio. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but its abundant electrolytes and high water content makes it incredibly hydrating. No wonder they call it mother nature’s sports drink! 

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