Face mapping: how face mapping can help to bring balance and insight to your complexion.

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The ancient art of facial mapping is based upon the theory that each and every section of your face is a window that corresponds to an internal area of your body. Our bodies contain many pathways that connect together to help us function. Dullness, luster, color, and breakouts: they all help to tell a deeper story of your health, and can help to communicate how specific organs within our bodies are functioning.

Facial mapping was one of the most insightful and important lessons that I studied. In all my years as an esthetician, I have found facial mapping to be one of my greatest tools in the treatment room- enabling me to look beyond the surface of the skin to achieve a greater understanding of any imbalances that may be occurring within. I can still hear my mentors voice in my head when I see someone with a pimple on the tip of their nose, "Your nose area represents your heart. If you see a loved one with a pimple on the tip of their nose- just give them a big, old hug". Sure enough, she was spot on.

In the digraph below, you will see specific outlines on the face that represent different 'zones'. These specific zones represent specific parts of the body, I will break them down below, as well as provide you with some tips on how to balance out these specific areas. Our skin is always communicating with us, I hope that after reading this- you will have a better understanding of what your skin may be trying to communicate with you. And be sure to remember that when you implement changes into your diet, lifestyle and skincare ritual- it can often take time before you find your perfect balance. Be patient and kind to yourself, and each time that you touch your sweet skin- do so with tenderness and love. 

Forehead | Digestion + Liver

could indicate food allergies • constipation • dehydration

Digestive issues can mean many things, it could be that your body is having a hard time breaking down foods, you may have an allergy to a specific food group or your elimination system may be functioning slowly (ie. constipation). 

  • TIPS: make sure you are drinking plenty of water and be mindful of how the foods you are eating make you feel. The most common food allergies are dairy, soy, and gluten- make sure that your diet is balanced and perhaps try to eliminate the above food groups for a month to see how your body resonates with the change. Digestive enzymes (papaya enzyme supplement) may help as well as snacking on raw foods throughout the day.

Liver issues could represent lack of sleep, heightened emotions (stress, sadness, anger, worry), or consuming too much sugar, fats or alcohol in your diet.  Your lymphatic circulation may be stagnant- and could use a little boost!

  • TIPS: Yoga and meditation can both help to balance stress and sleep disturbances. Try eliminating processed sugar and alcohol from your diet, and aim for 6-8 hours of sleep each night. A diffuser with Lavender Essential Oil at night may help to relax your mind and spirit, easing your body into rest mode. Try to fit in a good 30 minutes of cardio 3-5x, or treat yourself to a deep lymphatic massage. Dry brushing is an amazing practice to incorporate into your evening ritual, this will help to boost the lymphatic system and it feels amazing.
  • SKIN RITUAL: Do a gentle exfoliation by combing a dollop of Honey Love with one full pump of Siren Serum. Mix well and using your fingertips, and gently massage into the skin- really focusing on the forehead area. Rinse well with cool water, and follow with the Mermaid Mask to help boost circulation and deeply nourish your skin cells. 

Under the eye area | Kidneys + Liver

could indicate sleep deprivation • genetics • lack in nutrients

Our kidneys need a lot of love, when they are taxed- our entire bodies suffer. High stress, pollution, a poor diet and smoking have a huge impact on our kidney function. Dark circles under the eyes can represent many things. One factor could be sleep deprivation, which hinders the body from being able to fully reinvigorate and repair the skin. Dark circles can also be genetic- the area under our eyes is one of the thinnest and most delicate areas on our body. As we age, this skin becomes even more thin- as the skin thins, the circulation of blood in this delicate area becomes more visible (as 'dark circles'). Another factor may be a mineral deficiency, specifically iron. This is also why women who are pregnant or on the menstrual cycle may notice dark circles- showing a lack in iron in the body. 

Puffiness under the eyes can also represent fluid retention (excess alcohol or too much salt in the diet), poor sleep patterns, allergies, or smoking. 

  • TIPS:  Be mindful of your diet, and try to stay away from too much sodium. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and perhaps try taking an iron supplement or implementing more leafy greens into your diet.
  • SKIN RITUAL  Mist your skin well with Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toning Mist to gently hydrate and moisturize the skin. Follow by applying a pump of Champagne Serum and evenly distribute between both ring fingers and follow with a gentle lymphatic eye massage. Place your ring fingertips on your temples and gently glide them under your eye, around the inner crease of your eye and up and around your eye brow area. Continue for 2-3 minutes. Follow by gently pressing our Bless Beauty Balm into the area around the eye area to help nourish and soothe. 

Nose | Heart

could indicate emotional and blood pressure issues

If the nose appears red, this could indicate heightened blood pressure and poor circulation. If you find you are breaking out on the tip of your nose, it may be time for some TLC- as this often times will represent sadness or heartache. Air pollution may also be affecting your body.

  • TIPS: You may want to look into getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Integrate some gentle cardiovascular exersise into your daily routine, such as jogging or fast walking- you want to get your heart pumping. Also, make yourself a good cup of tea and watch a movie that will make you laugh until your cry with your BFF. 

Cheeks| Lungs (respiratory system) + Stomach + Colon

could indicate low absorption of nutrients • over eating • metabolism and lung issues

Our lungs love clean, fresh air and deep breaths. You may notice that your cheeks tend to flush dark red after a cardio workout- that is an indicator that your lungs have been working hard. The lower area of the cheeks represents the colon, a healthy colon is imperative to maintaining a healthy body. Make sure that you are having regular bowel movements, and integrate more fiber, vegetables and whole grains into your diet. Pay close attention to how your food is sitting in your tummy after you eat a meal. I have found that eating papaya enzymes after meals helps to improve my digestion and settle my stomach- especially after large meals. 

  • TIPS: Breathing exercises (yoga!), a healthy and balanced diet, bowel regularity, and making sure that you drink plenty of water will help to ensure that these organs are in tip top shape. 
  • SKIN RITUAL:  Do a gentle exfoliation with the Honey Love 2-3x a week. Spend a good 30 seconds to a minute massaging into the skin and rinse well with warm water followed by a cool water splash. Gently mist your skin with Citrus and Citrine Regenerating Toning Mist and follow with the Siren Serum to help boost cellular metabolism and liven up the skin tone. 


Chin and jawline | Hormones + Bladder + Kidney

could indicate hormonal imbalance and excess stress

It is very common for women who suffer from endometriosis, uterine fibroids and PCOS to find that they have reoccurring breakouts on their chin and jawline area. Often times, these breakouts will be deep, cystic and red- and painful to the touch. This is also a common area to experience breakouts during puberty and pregnancy- and any time that your hormones go a little crazy. 

  • TIPS: I recommend getting a blood test so that you doctor can get a better understanding of your hormonal levels. This will also help to determine how well your thyroid is functioning. If you find that your hormones show that they are unbalanced, there are plenty of things you can do to help to naturally balance your hormones- such as cutting back on processed meats and dairy, cutting out caffeine, eating omega 3 rich foods, managing stress, vitamin D3 supplements, maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise and adequate sleep.
  • SKIN RITUAL: Do a gentle exfoliation by combining one full pump of Champagne Serum to a dollop of your Honey Love Exfoliator. Blend well and gently massage into the skin in circular motions. Rinse well with warm water. Follow with the Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist to soothe inflammation and help bring balance to the skin. Gently press a small amount of Aloha Ambrosia Elixir into damp skin to help facilitate healing while gently moisturizing the skin. 


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. NO information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.


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    This was brilliant..everything is explained well in detail..would love to get some more info on skin care..thanks

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    Leslie – any grocery store carries papaya enzyme with the supplements

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    Thank you for all this information….I feel I learned a lot. I have had a terrible breakout on my chin/jaw line so this information has really helped me …. thank you 🙏🏻

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