Neroli Essential Oil | Liquid Sunshine


Neroli Essential Oil | Liquid Sunshine


The essential oil of Neroli truly is liquid sunshine, and is one of the most sought after essential oils around the world.  

Neroli oil comes from the careful steam distillation of orange blossoms from the bitter orange tree. These delicate blossoms are hand gathered in late April to early May and it can take at least 1,000 pounds of orange blossom flowers just to make one pound of Neroli essential oil.

Floral essential oils are known to calm the spirit, increase optimism, and balance emotions. When inhaled, they travel directly to our limbic system (the pleasure centre of the brain). Neroli oil is especially beneficial for anxiety, worry, stress, depression, and sadness. Many people with seasonal affective disorder find the uplifting and nurturing scent of Neroli oil to ease a gloomy mood. 

Neroli works magic on the skin by helping to boost cellular regeneration and elasticity, reduce scaring and aids in healing acne and broken capillaries. Neroli will also help refresh the skin and its natural astringent properties will help to shrink pores and blood vessels (making Bless Balm perfect for under eye use). Neroli also helps balance the overproduction of sebum in the skin, aiding in a more even and clear complexion. 



We use the healing powers of Neroli essential oil in our Bless Beauty Balm and Citrus & Citrine Toner.


For some serious skin love, mist your face with our Citrus and Citrine toner and while the skin is still damp, emulsify a small amount of Bless Beauty Balm into your fingertips and gently 'press' her into your skin. The result? A soft and supple complexion and a moment of pure zen. 

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