Being authentic, living with intention and learning to nurture myself are the true roots of Leahlani Skincare. This path essentially chose me. It was literally a split second decision my husband and I made ten years ago to leave Oahu and head to Maui so that I could attend Spa Luna, a holistic esthetician school. I had been on bedrest for a month writhing in pain from health issues and my skin was a complete wreck. I was seeking healing, and somehow came across the website for Spa Luna. We had never been to Maui, I had never even had a facial, we had little money and had nothing secured over there other then a place to live that we had found on craigslist rented sight unseen and full enrollment into this school I had just found online, yet knew very little about. I felt a very strong pull to go, I knew it was part of my next chapter, I just didn’t have a clue why.


On the second day that we arrived to Maui, we decided to drive to check out the school, where I would be spending all of my time for the following 5 months. On the way, I was full of anxiety. What did I just do? Did we really just embark on this crazy journey on some sort of ‘hunch’ that I had? What exactly is an esthetician and how can I possibly work on skin when mine is such a mess? 

We stopped in a local restaurant on the way for a cinnamon roll. When I was paying the woman behind the register, I commented to her on what an amazing job she was doing. Bartending, busing tables, serving food all by herself and the place was slamming busy. She laughed and asked me “you want a job?”. The owner came out and threw an apron at me and said, “you start tomorrow”. I thought he was joking, he wasn’t. I started the next day and worked there for the entire year we lived on Maui. I took it as a little nudge from the universe assuring me, you are where you are meant to be- just go with it…. and so I did. 

Spa Luna was so much more then an Esthetician school. Not only did my experience there help to heal me, but it also trained me how to help heal others. I had to fully understand how to nurture myself in order to teach my clients how to nurture and help themselves. 

I would not have been able to formulate my skincare line and Leahlani would not exist without my years as an esthetician under my belt, and I would have never become an esthetician had I not gotten sick and been inflicted with severe skin problems. There is only so much you can learn about skin through a book, and I am more of hands-on learner and with skin, it really is hands-on.  I have touched hundreds and hundreds of faces and dedicated years into formulating and expanding my education.


In a way, Leahlani is an integration of both of my true passions-people are able to give them selves a facial with the skincare products I create, how special is that?