3 Toning Tips for Maximum Hydration

3 Toning Tips for Maximum Hydration

Maximize Moisture

    1. Gently shake your Leahlani toner and give your face a thorough misting. 3 pumps are good, but don’t let us hold you back!
    2. Massage face with clean fingers to help your skin drink in all that juicy hydration. Follow with 1 pump of your favorite Serum or Elixir and keep massaging!
    3. Lock it all in with one last spritz of your toner and continue massaging into your fabulous face. Voila – all-day moisture with a side of self care! 

Mist Your Mask

    1. Add an extra dose of hydration to your masking rituals with a little help from your toner.
    2. Simply prime skin with a good misting before applying your mask, then give your face a nice spritz during your masking ritual
    3. Keeping your mask damp on the skin adds moisturizing properties to your ritual, and assists in optimal absorption. Pure mist magic! 

Custom Cocktails

    1. Customize this skincare cocktail with the recommended products for your skin type, and say hello to beautiful balance and magnificent moisture! 
    2. Apply 1-2 pumps of Toner to a clean palm, and follow with 1 pump of Elixir and a dollop of Bless Beauty Balm. Emulsify between your palms, and massage into your face, neck and décolletage. 
    3. Customize your cocktail! 

Dry, dehydrated skin: Bohemian Ruby Toner + Mahina Elixir

Oily, acne prone skin: Citrus and Citrine Toner + Aloha Ambrosia Elixir

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