The Mist + Mask Trick

Boost the benefits of masking by bringing your toner to the party! 


Make the most out of your masking with one of our all-time favorite skincare tips – the Mist + Mask! This simple alchemy ritual boosts hydration and absorption by keeping the mask damp on the skin, leaving the complexion more supple, balanced and radiant.


The Ritual


Step One: Prime The Skin

Before applying your mask, massage 1-2 pumps of toning mist into into the skin as a primer. Both of our toning mists contain skin-healing aloe vera water, hydration-boosting Hawaiian Sea Silt and juicy hydrosols that help quench the skin. 

Citrus + Citrine
Bohemian Ruby

for oily / acne-prone skin

for sensitive / dry skin



Step Two: Apply Your Mask

Mermaid Mask
Meli Glow
purify & renew
clarify and deeply cleanse
clarify and deeply cleanse



Step Three: Mist & Mask

Once you’re masked up, apply 2 more pumps of toning mist to the skin. You can let this sit, or gently massage the mist into the mask – whatever feels good to you! Repeat this 2-3x before rinsing for super moisturizing mist magic! 

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