The Lei Day Votive

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May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Welcome to a Spring day outside of the Leahlani Studio, where a glistening garden of tropical citrus trees dripping in morning dewdrops emanates a soft aroma of orange and lemon blossoms. The trade winds blend wafts of gardenia and the lingering scent of night blooming jasmine flowers. Kauai feels warm and joyous.

Lei Day was lovingly formulated by Leah’s mom, Jenny, to capture the sensory experience of a walk through the Leahlani garden in May. Lei Day’s delicate aroma of citrus blossoms is complemented with a heart of sweet grass and vervain, and subtle undertones of jasmine and gardenia.

Strike a match and ignite a flame to evoke the feeling of renewal, serenity, and joyful wanderlust.

Burn time: 25 hours
Volume: 3 oz.


A proprietary blend of essential oils and fragrance infused in soy, coconut and apricot oils. Cotton wicks.

Neroli, Orange

Vervaine, Lemon Blossom

Jasmine & Gardenia

Free from parabens, phthalate, lyral, lilial, formaldehyde, and sulfates.
The Lei Day Votive May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii