Wintertide Votive

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Handmade Holiday Candle

A custom blend of holiday cheer poured lovingly into hand embossed votives by Leah's Mom and Sister in a seasonal offering from our family to yours.

A limited edition candle that captures the essence of winter, with notes of fresh evergreen, bright citrus, and a kiss of spiced roses carried on crisp mountain air. The Wintertide Candle is both calming and uplifting, with a refreshing scent that invigorates the senses while evoking the comfort and warmth of the season.

TOP: fresh mountain air, lemon, eucalyptus
HEART: Spruce, juniper, fir
BASE: rose, cinnamon, sandalwood

Burn time: 20 Hours
Wax: Coconut & Apricot

Fragrance: A blend of essential and fragrance oils (phthalate and paraben free)

Candle wick: 100% cotton

Wintertide Votive Handmade Holiday Candle