The Bless Box



Comfort, harmony, positivity, and aloha:

a true mother's day collaboration.  


A note from Leah: This spring, I wanted to expand the Leahlani Bless range for an extra special, limited edition collaboration with my mom, Jenny. Her soap company, KopaKauai, is run in many of the same ways as my own; our products are crafted from scratch with premium ingredients, made with loving hands, in intimate batches all within 10 miles of each other on the North Shore of Kaua'i. Jenny's soaps are by far the most incredible bathing products I've ever experienced. With illustrious Blue Tansy and smile-inducing Neroli Essential Oil, she's created one of there signature Sea Salt Soaps that is more than worthy of the name Bless. I call it the Bless Beauty Bar, and I cannot wait for you to try it.

To complete the Bless Beauty Box, I've formulated a bath soak of my own dreams with the blend of healing Hawaiian Sea Salts, organic rose and chamomile flowers, and the Leahlani Bless Aromatherapy Essence. It's quite literally a Beauty Bath- an indulgent treatment for your skin and joyous retreat for your spirit. 

Whether this is a gift for yourself, your mother, or someone who has been a blessing in your life- this is a gift to be savored and thoroughly enjoyed. It is an honor to share this with you. 


Is this a gift?

Leave a note in the comments at checkout and we'll hand write it on a special card to go with the box! 


A delicate and silken moisture melt for your skin. Rich, organic butters coalesce with the most lush organic and cold pressed beauty oils to nurture and bless your skin for an unparalleled softness. From her pink, velvety texture to her sweet and grounding essence of orange blossoms and blue tansy oils – every element of Bless will envelop your skin and senses with love, vibrancy and aloha.


Citrus blossoms and sweet tansy swirls will envelop your senses in a tropical bouquet of bliss. Melt into the precious moments of your day with the love, tranquility and essence of Bless. Her beautiful color is reminiscent of the reflection of the lush mountains on the surface of the shallow waters of the Hawaiian sea. Bless aromatic essence can be used as a perfume or an aromatherapy treatment to evoke grounding feelings of comfort, harmony, positivity and aloha with each use.


Sea salt acts as the natural preservative in this soap, and the minerals in KopaKauai's Hawaiian Sea Salt blend also help your skin absorb glycerine, a natural moisturizing by-product of handmade soap. The creamy lather in this soap is distinct from a traditional handmade bar, and the smooth, soft finish on your skin after rinsing is instantly noticeable. The Bless Sea Salt Soap is heavy with organic and cold pressed beauty oils and scented with Leahlani's signature Bless Aromatherapy Essence, elevating your bathing experience with a positive and comforting aromatherapy treatment. KopaKauai's Sea Salt Soaps become more solid and hard with each use, like beautiful polished stones. They're perfect for the shower- no gummy residue anywhere! 


Enhance your bathing ritual with Bless Beauty Bath, a mineral-rich aromatherapy salt soak. Grounding neroli blossoms, calming blue tansy oil, and sweet vanilla beans are blended into pure Hawaiian sea salt, creating a therapeutic and serene bathing experience. Envelop your entire being with comfort, relaxation, and abundant aloha.  Gently infuse 1-2tbs into your bathwater to envelop your entire being in sweet serenity.  





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