DIY Pressure Point Facial Massage For a Grounded New Year (w/ Britta Beauty!)

The darling of New York's holistic esthetician scene vacationed on Kauai this summer and we couldn't miss the chance to go for tea overlooking Hanalei to talk skin, life and the magical world of holistic esthetics (and yes- she is as lovely as you would imagine.).

Britta Plug is well known for her holistic Facial Attunement services in Soho, NYC. You can find her on Instagram @britta_beauty. This month we caught up with her to chat about the benefits of connecting with friends, how to give pressure point facial massages, and grounding yourself as you enter the New Year.

Think back to the days of slumber parties in your youth and imagine reliving the excitement, but with a relaxing facial massage, luxurious products, and pressure points to balance stress and hormones. Gathering your circle of friends and hosting a spa day can be a very healing and rejuvenating experience. You might even want to make it a regular thing! Britta Plug is no stranger to inviting her circle over for facials and creating the most serene environments for her friends and clients to truly unwind and connect. Today we're diving deep with Britta's DIY pressure point massage.

"My skin care career really got started with creating spa afternoons for my friends.... when I was 12! We moved into a new house in Germany that came with a sauna in the basement. It was a dream come true, I wanted to share the magic. On weekends I would gather together my girlfriends for spa/sauna time. I rounded up all of my body shop masks and scrubs (which I thought were the absolute best in 1995) and would direct our activities of exfoliation, masking, sauna, rinsing with an icy shower, and finally each one got a little face massage from yours truly. 

Today when my friends have getaways to escape hectic NYC, I am of course still the one in charge of our facial masks and beauty activities. This time can feel so sacred, women gathering together for self care and catching each other up on our busy lives. There's a more relaxed quality to conversation in this kind of setting, less pressure than over dinner in a restaurant. We move slow, we share as we go. We have safe space. Our stress levels lower as we feel connection and find healing in sharing our heartaches and successes with our sisters."


Britta's Pressure Point Facial Massage: You can do this to yourself. We recommend partnering up, exchanging touch has many healing and beneficial properties. 

1. Activation

For this portion we will do medium pressure circles, covering the neck and face, to activate circulation, de-puffing, and detoxification This is done on dry skin, keeping the fingers in place do not move the fingers over the skin -- you won't get the desired effect, as we are stimulating what's happening just below the surface. Pretend your fingertips are glued to each section you're working on. We'll do 10 circles at each station, starting at the dip above the collarbones, and working up. Practice deep breathing while doing your circles.

Start above the collarbones, using light pressure, with fingertips glued to the skin, 10 circles outward. Next, place the fingers where your lymph node would get swollen with a sore throat, where the neck meets the jaw. 10 circles outward. Then place the fingers next to the corners of the mouth, working the chin and lowering inner cheek. 10 circles outward. Continue to place the fingers further outward, on the outer jaw, so we work the outer lower cheek. Remember your breath! 

Then the upper inner cheek, placing fingertips next to the nose, pointing toward the eyes. Focus on the outward pull, and you will feel a sinus release. 10 circles outward. Temple, 10 circles outward. Forehead (inner forehead first), 10 circles outward. Repeat on the outer forehead. 

Notice what feels different! Take an internal inventory. 

2. Pressure Points

This is deeply relaxing and meditative. Once you find the spot, apply medium pressure with your index or middle finger, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Today we will focus on the eyes, they work so hard for us. Our culture today is hyper visual, always on our phones, computers, watching TV, driving. Even more so if you have a visual profession. Let's give our eyes some extra love and care, try pressure points in these areas:

- Inner corner of the eyebrows, pressing up.

- Center of the eye, pressing up on the brow bone remember to breathe.

- Outer corner of the eyes.

- Botton center of the eye, pressing down on the bone. 

An extra pressure point for hormonal balance:
- Find the middle of the dip from the center of the nose down to the upper lip, right above the cupid's bow. With the second hand find the mirror of that point beneath the lower lip. Press and hold for 3 deep breaths in and out.


Thank you so much beautiful Britta! We are putting you at the top of our list for services when we come to NYC. We're also going to make spa days more of a priority in 2018. Let us know your favorite way to connect and unwind with your circle of friends in the comment section below. We hope everyone is having an abundant and grounded start to the New Year. Aloha!

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