Up-cycling Empty Leahlani Jars

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Up-cycling Empty Leahlani Jars

We get a lot of questions about what to do with empty product jars. Before throwing these beautiful glass jars in the recycle bin, take a read through our list of ideas for fun ways to reuse your empty products!



Mermaid Mask, Meli Glow, Bless Balm | These jars are great for lunches and snacks. Fill them up with fresh berries, homemade hummus, or almonds and keep them at work to curb afternoon cravings. If you make your own candles, these are wonderful glass jars for pouring homemade candles. All you need are some soy wax flakes and essential oils (holiday season approaching!). These jars are the perfect size for a tea light candle too!

Large/Small Honey Love | Great in the bathroom to hold Q-tips, cotton pads, toothbrushes, or makeup brushes. The larger jars could also be used to plant small succulents. Honey love terrariums! They look so good sitting pretty on the desk filled with sweet succulents!


Serums & Elixirs | A sweet little vase for fresh flowers. Keep these by the kitchen sink, on your bedside stand, at your desk, or in the guest bathroom. They will cheer up any space! A quick walk around the neighborhood will fill several serum jars with wild greenery. 



Toners, Kalima & Kokoleka | We recommend reusing the spritzer jars to make your own DIY room sprays. These can be left in the bathroom, in the car, or anywhere that needs a little freshening up every once in a while. Pick your favorite essential oil (we love eucalyptus or spearmint) and add a few drops to filtered water and a little alcohol. Make sure to shake well before use. 

We’d love to know what you like to do with your empty product jars. Tag us on Instagram @leahlaniskincare and share your ideas. 


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