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Kalima's sweet coconut milk, soothing oatmeal, vitamin and antioxidant rich tropical fruits, softening clays, and organic vanilla beans come together to create the most exotic and opulent cleansing powder you have ever experienced.

She will metamorphose in your palm, effervescing into a pink potion emanating soft vanilla and citrus note that will gently exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse your skin, leaving your complexion soft and silken. Each step of cleansing with Kalima is a ritual of beauty, which begins the second you pour her soft powder into your palm. Kalima's non-abrasive ingredients exfoliate in a more forgiving way than the commonly known plastic beads and nut shells that are found on the shelves of your local drugstore cleansers. Organic brown rice powder will buff away daily pollutants and slough off dead skin cells while super-fruits guava and camu camu contain natural acids that even the skin tone and mildly exfoliate. This tropical feast works in harmony with the skin's pH balance while thoroughly cleansing. We combine these exfoliating ingredients with soothing organic coconut milk, moisture replenishing wildcrafted banana, and softening colloidal oatmeal to replenish and nurture the skin's barrier. This gentle method is safe to use everyday, for a deeper weekly exfoliating treatment we recommend using our Honey Love 3-in-1.

Having a powdered product that activates with water allows more versatility in the way this product can be enjoyed. Our sweet Kalima is primarily a daily cleanser but also a beautiful exfoliating scrub and face mask. It's a favorite product in our aloha alchemy recipes because it can be activated with water, our hydrating toning mists, and even raw honey. Combine sweet Kalima with any of our other face masks for a truly indulgent treat for the skin. The absence of water in this product extends its shelf life. It also eliminates the need for preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin. Kalima is safe for all skin types and you're in control of how strong/gentle the exfoliating properties are. You can create a very thin and gentle paste with water and honey for a light exfoliation, or a rich and thicker blend for those who need a little extra scrub! So how does it actually clean the skin? Kalima uses a balanced combination of cleansing botanicals and bentonite, kaolin, and rose clays. Without the use of fillers and preservatives, our ingredients are potent and powerful. Clay will absorb dirt and impurities from the skin by gently drawing oils and debris from the pores. At the same time, her other gorgeous ingredients are giving back to the skin to reveal a more even skin tone, infused with aloha.

Kalima can be used on all skin types.

Organic coconut milk (Cocos Nucifera), organic brown rice powder (Oryza Sativa), bentonite clay, kaolin clay, rose clay, organic wildcrafted whole guava fruit (Psidium Guajava), organic hibiscus flower (Hibiscus Rosa-Senensis), organic wildcrafted whole banana fruit (Musa Sapientum), organic camu camu fruit (Myrciaria dubia), organic rosehip fruit (Rosa Moschata), vanilla bean powder (Vanilla planifolia), organic coconut (Cocos Nucifera), honeysuckle flower (Lonicera japonica), Leahlani Tahitian vanilla sea salt (Hawaiian alaea sea salt and organic vanilla bean), organic colloidal oatmeal (Avena Sativa), L-ascorbic acid (GMO free and non irradiated), sodium bicarbonate, tangerine essential oil (Citrus Tangerina), mandarin essential oil (Citrus nobilis), vanilla oil (vanilla Planifolia) and LOVE. 


Leah's Favorite Kalima Ritual: Start by pouring 1/2 -1 full teaspoon of Kalima powder into the palm of your hand or treatment bowl. Activate Kalima with water by slowly adding water, drop  by drop until your reach an ideal consistency. For a more exfoliating cleanse, add less water. For a more gentle cleanse, add a few more drops. Kalima should be thick enough to stick to the skin without running off. Blend well until it starts to froth and activate- ensuring that the ingredients are fully integrated and apply evenly with your Mask brush to damp skin. Let her sit pretty until she dries (2-3 minutes), this will allow the water activated vitamin C to work its magic on the skin while the softening clays pull oils and impurities from the pores. Rinse well with warm water in circular motions. Voilá! Soft, supple skin.

Mermaid Aloha Alchemy Morning Ritual: Dampen skin with a few sprays of CiCi to awaken your senses. Activate Kalima with a couple drops (very little) water and a small scoop of Meli Glow. Blend this mixture well and apply evenly with your mask brush in circular motions, massaging into the skin. Sit pretty for 5-10 minutes allowing this beautiful blend to work its magic. Rinse well with warm water, pat your skin dry, and apply another few sprays of CiCi followed by Siren Serum for the ultimate aloha-glow. Be ready to turn heads with your radiant complexion. 

Avoid getting water in your jar of Kalima to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life. Towel off your hands when opening it to prevent any clogging.

Kalima is the Hawaiian word for cream.

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