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Talk Story with Megan Schwarz of Seed to Serum


Happy Aloha Friday! We are so happy to announce that our products will now be available on Seed to Serum! We had the pleasure of meeting Megan Schwarz, the founder of this beautiful website, back in January when her and her family visited Kauai. We invited her to the Mermaid Cove and talked all about life, family, natural skincare, and future business plans. Megan has curated a high quality selection of effective skincare brands on her online boutique and we are so thrilled to be apart of it!  

Megan has a unique story and it was such a pleasure to Talk Story with her that we wanted to share some of it with all of you!


"Skin is capable of great transformation if it is given the proper nourishment and care." We love this statement from your website. Tell us about a ritual that you find meaningful and nourishing in your life.


I find any ritual that allows me to carve out time for myself and to slow down to be incredibly nourishing. Lately, I’ve been enjoying my morning skincare ritual. While my husband is getting the baby changed and dressed, I have a little extra time to apply a honey mask, take a few deep belly breaths, and just relax. I also have found myself craving exercise each day, whether that is walking, running, or yoga. Prior to having Lola (my 9 month old daughter), I was dragging myself to the treadmill, but now it’s my “me” time – a time to focus on my health and wellbeing.


We loved meeting your darling daughter, what a sweetheart! What has she taught you about beauty and what do you hope to teach her about beauty?


Thank you! She’s the absolute best and has taught me that you can’t take yourself too seriously. A little silliness is beautiful. Babies also seem to be born with an innate confidence – they don’t let perceived limitations stop them. They keep trying and trying until they are rolling, crawling, and walking. I think we should all approach life in that same manner. As far as what I can teach her about beauty, well, I hope to help her see that healthy is beautiful and that everyone’s version of healthy looks different. Society’s narrow depiction of beauty can be so devastating for girls and I want to shield her from that as much as I can. 


How has transitioning from a full time law attorney to starting your own clean beauty company changed your life (and your skin)? 


How hasn’t it changed my life?? Ha! Seed to Serum grew out of a blog that I had started while I was working as a lawyer. My full time job was becoming increasingly unfulfilling and at the same time I was growing more and more passionate about natural beauty, sustainability, and transparency. I pursued both for as long as I could until I was finally able to transition over to Seed to Serum full time. It’s been a dream of mine and I feel incredibly fortunate that each day allows me the opportunity to tackle projects and set goals that I am actually excited about.


The stress of working as a lawyer and the resulting hormonal roller coaster (and cystic acne nightmare) is actually what brought me to clean beauty. The conventional acne treatment options, both prescription and over the counter, weren’t working and I was beginning to feel hopeless. Luckily, I discovered this whole wide world of health and wellness and down the rabbit hole I went. I slowly accepted that diet, lifestyle, and skin care all work together – each piece matters. Quitting my job as a lawyer has been transformative in terms of my stress. Stress is a beauty killer. It disrupts healthy hormone production and also manifests in a lot of harmful behaviors like picking at our skin.   


You've curated a beautiful selection of skincare on your website and we're thrilled to be a part of it. Do you have a favourite Leahlani product or experience that initially attracted you to our collection? 


From the minute I applied Bless Beauty Balm, I was hooked. The scent, the texture – it’s mermaid magic! I’m also in love with the Aloha Ambrosia Elixir. The texture is perfect for daytime and it layers beautifully under SPF. And like I mentioned before, applying a honey mask in the morning is one of my favorite skincare rituals so I like to alternate between Honey Love and Mermaid Mask (I have a spirulina obsession thanks to my recent Hawaii visit!!)


We noticed your love for smoothies on your blog. We're big smoothie fans ourselves! What's your go-to recipe right now?


My current recipe is actually inspired by the Alligators smoothie at The Beet Box Café in Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu. My husband, Lola, and I went to The Beet Box every single morning while we were staying in Haleiwa and I became addicted to this smoothie and had to replicate it the minute I got home.


 Alligators 2.0

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 tbsp ground flaxseed

½ tsp spirulina

1 tbsp raw honey

2 tbsp almond butter (no sugar!)

1 scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (optional)

Handful of baby kale

1 frozen banana

Ice cubes

Throw all of the ingredients into a blender, blend until smooth, and enjoy!


What's next for Seed to Serum? We hear it's something exciting and we're already planning for a visit!


From the moment that the Seed to Serum online shop opened, I knew that I wanted a physical presence in the community. I craved that connection. SO the next big goal for Seed to Serum is opening the doors to our very own brick and mortar in St. Louis, Missouri. The plans we have for the brick and mortar involve so much more than a retail shop, BUT that’s all I will say about that for now. Stay tuned…


Thank you so much for sharing Megan! We love your answers, I will be trying the Alligators 2.0 smoothie asap! We’re also very excited for your brick and mortar shop to open, sounds like the perfect reason to visit St. Louis!


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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  • Louise Smith: April 28, 2017

    This is a fab post! I recently ordered some amazing aloe skin care products from Forever Living, they have really helped with my dry skin!

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