Talk Story with Amanda Bacon of Moon Juice

On our recent trip to LA, we stopped by two of the Moon Juice locations for an afternoon of fun events. We talked skin, exchanged aloha hugs, drank yummy beauty juices, and created custom rituals for all who attended. It was a beautiful afternoon and such a treat to meet everyone and give them aloha-hugs in person! The conclusion we came to was that we have the most amazing clients in the world- it was truly an honor to meet with all of you, and that Moonjuice is a MUST visit location if you are ever in the area. The energy and vibe of each store is equally magical as it is addicting, and the beautiful smiles on everyone that works there is an absolute treat. One of our girls was coming down with the flu, and when we shared this with Sarah (the manager at the Silver Lake location), she ran behind the counter and whipped up the most glorious brew of elderberry and coconut kefir that literally wiped any trace of sickness from our sweet Lauren! A few of the employees even came on their day off to talk skin with us and exchange hugs (bless!). Our day ended after our second event at the Melrose location, and the sweetest gal behind the counter (her name is Janet, and you must visit her when she is working) offered to make us some magical lattes. I kid you not, she made the yummiest rose latte I have ever had in my life. She shared with us that the secret ingredient to each drink that she makes is love, and we knew right away, she was our kind of gal ❤︎


Anyone who's a fan of Moon Juice will know that Amanda Bacon (the founder) is a wellness guru with the most gorgeous glowing skin and beautiful vibrant energy. Let us say, she's even more so in person. We had the chance to meet Amanda at the Moon Juice Melrose location (I spy Mermaid Masks on the shelf behind them!). We jumped at the chance to Talk Story with lovely Amanda, and we are super excited to share her answers below:

When did you move to LA? What made this the ideal location for Moon Juice?

- I’ve lived in LA for over 12 years. I didn’t move here with the intention of starting MJ, but rather to work with a sketch doc chef in California cuisine.  


We love the name btw! Have you always had a fascination with the moon?

- Yes, it’s always been my guiding light, wherever I am, however I feel, there she is. 


Your skin is glowing, other than fuelling yourself with vibrant superfoods and adaptogenic herbs, what does your skincare ritual look like?

- Proper exfoliation at night and a serum that is hydrating and plumping but not too heavy during the day.  


Have you been to Kauai? How did you originally come across Leahlani?

- I love Kauai, but it was on the main land that I discovered your products. I fell in love with the masks and saw an immediate difference in my face after the first use.  


For those new to herbs/adaptogens, what would you recommend as the biggest benefit to healthy skin?

- I love schidandra, pearl, and tocotreinols for the skin. 


Favorite Moon Juice milk or juice right now?  

- Deep Chocolate Force forever. 

Thank you Amanda & the amazing and wonderful team at Moon Juice for having us! And thank you to all of you who joined the event, we had the most amazing afternoon and cannot wait to come back for more!

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