Ingredient Spotlight: Moringa

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Have you heard? Move over turmeric, moringa will have its turn in the spotlight as the 2018 Superfood of the Year! We have been enjoying the skin benefits of organic and cold pressed Moringa Oil in both our Bless Beauty Balm and Mahina Evening Elixir for years- and we are thrilled to share with you why it is one of our top favorite beauty oils for a radiant and supple complexion. As you would imagine, the 'it' beauty oil of 2018 comes with endless benefits for both skin and health, starting with slowing down the aging process due to its high concentration of antioxidants. 

Moringa is known as the Tree of Life, and has also been dubbed the most powerful leaf in the world. Almost every part of the plant is brimming with nutrients, and as a food source, nearly all of the tree is edible! Many greens consist of 90% water and only 10% nutrients. Moringa is one of the few greens that is made up of 80% water, leaving more room for nutrients. This green gem is full of protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin B- and can be added to smoothies or teas for an extra boost of nourishment. Moringa provides a significant amount of vitamin A, C, and E (the skin loving vitamins) and contains natural antibacterial properties which help to soothe acne inflammation and reduce redness. This impressive nutrient profile makes Moringa an ideal ingredient to enjoy both internally and externally!


So how does it work? Moringa oil will help to reduce skin fatigue by counterfeiting the ill effects of pollution, working as a powerful skin purifier that will increase your natural glow. Moringa oil also helps to stimulate blood flow- which makes it an ideal topical skin healer for scars and/or skin abrasions.

This is not the first time that Moringa has been in the spotlight. Egyptians may have been the first to include this precious oil into their beauty routines several centuries ago. It has also been a popular ingredient in ancient and modern day Ayurvedic practices. Moringa is safe for most all skin types and helps to balance both dry and oily complexions. The soothing and healing properties of Moringa will help to moisturize dry skin, clarify the pores and reduce inflammation. The high vitamin A content helps  smooth out the appearance of fine lines while boosting collagen production.

A superfood ingredient for the youth and the youthful at heart, moringa really does it all!


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