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Interview with Kristal Muhich - Founder/Owner of Kauai Juice Co.


Here at Leahlani Skincare, we’re all about caring for and nourishing our bodies and mind, creating skincare rituals that soothe and nourish the skin and the senses. We strive to source the best, most potent natural resources that mother nature has to offer, creating products that are inspired by their ingredients and made with love and aloha on the beautiful island of Kauai.

It’s no wonder then that we were immediately drawn to wholesale partnering with Kauai Juice Co, a kindred spirit local Kauai company that is all about creating healthy communities through healthy living, starting from the ingredients up. At Kauai Juice Company’s three locations around Kauai, you will find the most incredible cold-pressed juices, kombucha, hand-pressed nut milks, and fresh snacks, all sourced locally and organic whenever possible. With fridges stocked to the brim with a rainbow of vibrant and alive juices, and fresh kombucha flowing from their taps, Kauai Juice Co is truly a nirvana of health and wellness.


Not only are their products amazing, but so is their staff and clientele - with each Kauai Juice Co location being a mini hub for Kauai’s high vibe community of locals and visitors alike. It’s no wonder, as their customer service is a true example of the aloha spirit. If you have any questions - about their ingredients, local farms, Kauai Juice’s signature juice cleanses, or even questions about the island of Kauai itself - the Kauai Juice Co crew is the friendliest team around, and more than happy to share their wisdom.


Luckily, we were able to go one step further and ask a few questions of the woman behind Kauai Juice Co, owner and kombucha/juicer extraordinaire Kristal Muhich. We were thrilled to get to know more to the story behind Kauai Juice Co and the woman behind it all, and even more excited to share it all with you!






1) What is the vision behind Kauai Juice Co?

Kauai Juice Co is here to be a positive decision that people can make with their purchasing power. I really believe we vote everyday with how we spend our money, everything we do at Kauai Juice on the back end supports local farms, organic agriculture, and employs local residence all while leaving the most minimal waste possible. My vision is having a company where when people choose to support it they inevitably are also choosing to support those other positive things.


2) What are some of your favorite local juicing ingredients? What local produce do you love in terms of nutrition, abundance, taste, uniqueness, etc?

I feel like sour sop makes everything taste awesome. It has tons of unique nutritive qualities but it also has a tart taste, so it really brings out the flavor of whatever it's paired with.



3) Launching your own business and becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of courage – who or what inspired you to start Kauai Juice Co? (/ any other thoughts on entrepreneurship, running a business, your inspiration, pursuing your passion, etc)

I honestly didn't have any mentors when the idea came about. One of my goals in the near future is to set up an on-going event to help people connect with mentors as they pursue their own passions. I wish it was something that was available to me back then, so I'd love to facilitate more of that for others in the future. As for entrepreneurship I feel like I'm learning everyday something new, I try my hardest to take things one day at a time and focus on the positive when twists and turns come up. I'd be lying if I said I've never broken down and wanted to walk away from everything because of all the stress. But I am having less breakdowns lately, and my tolerance is truly building for what I can handle. Finding balance is always a struggle and I'm learning that my identity is more than my career. Running a business, for me, is like going to school 24 hours a day, always learning and always trying to better myself. My inspiration is everyone around me. I'm not the creative type so I thrive off the ideas of the creative people in my life. I'm able to make anything happen tho once the idea has come in front of me. My advice for anyone is to know your strengths and weaknesses so you can thrive best in whatever environment you're in.


4) Life on Kauai is incredibly unique. How would you describe your lifestyle? / what’s a typical day in your life look like? / what are your favorite aspects of living on Kauai that are unique to this island?

I love waking up early. I'm blessed to have a house near the beach so whether or not I make it in the water I still get my ocean meditation. My perfect day is waking up at 4am. Being able to have the first 2.5 hours to myself without any texts or emails or anyone needing anything really puts my mind in a good space for the rest of the day. I'm also able to stretch, meditate, and work on inversions. Then I head to the kapaa shop, then production, then my office. My brain shuts down around 5pm so as much as I'd like to keep working I'm pretty much worthless by then. 50% of the time I grab a bottle of Chardonnay at the ol’ ABC store on the way home just to offset the healthy juice I drank all day. Life is all about balance right? [we couldn’t agree more!] As for Kauai, there is no other place I'd rather be. I've traveled to 7 different places so far this year, and all of them just make me realize I never want to leave Kauai. I don't even honestly want to travel anymore, haha. I love the weather, people, food, relaxed living. I love that I don't ever feel the need to wear make-up or shop that often. It's such a simple lifestyle.


5) Each side of the island is different, and all of them have unique characteristics that we all enjoy. What is your favorite part of living/working on the east side of Kauai? / When you travel to other areas on the island, what do you like to do?

I LOVE the east side. I live in Anahola so work is so close to home. The sun rises are so beautiful and my favorite spots are here. Like Java Kai, The Local, Huki Lau, and having the bike path is so nice. But when I go north it's usually for the day, love to walk the bay and then go to Sushi Girl. Southside I usually am just there for work so will skip hanging out there and just head West to Poli's [Polihale Beach] if I'm making an adventure of my day.


6) Local business shoutout! What other local businesses would you recommend visitors check out on Kauai?

Oh man SO MANY! We'll you guys (of course) But I really appreciate all the health food stores on the island being here, I don't know what I'd do without Papayas and Healthy Hut. Love how active Aloha Exchange is with the community. Rainbeau Joes guys are fantastic, and it's great to see Wailua Shave Ice around the corner thriving. Also Meli Wraps is such a cool small company that we love having in our shops.

7) If someone is new to Kauai Juice Co, what juice/kombucha would you recommend they try first - ie a bestseller, or a juice that best represents Kauai?

This is a hard one. we have over 50 choices of juices and kombucha at any given time to try, all made with local ingredients. Kauai surprisingly grows more deep leafy greens better than citrus and fruits. So our green juices are going to have the most island produce in them. Everyone seems to love the Dragonfruit Pineapple kombucha as a starter, it's sweet and bright pink so everyone feels pretty happy when they drink it.


8) What is your favorite Leahlani product?

The Mermaid Mask! My absolute favorite, I'm very particular about my face products and the mask is perfect for my skin. I also have really been digging the morning elixir [Aloha Ambrosia] too, leaves my face looking super supple.


Thank you so much Kristal and the Kauai Juice Co ohana! Make sure to check out their 3 locations when you're visiting Kauai and stop by every Thirsty Thursday for a complimentary shot! We'll see you there, cheers!


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