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We get a lot of people asking for recommendations when they travel to Kauai. Where to stay, where to play, and most importantly: where to get the best acai bowl! We’ve collected a good amount of information about acai (maybe from more experience than we should admit) and we can confidently direct you to the best spots on the island.

No matter where you’re staying on the island, there is acai served somewhere nearby that’s worth writing home about. Enjoy our local staff favorites and let us know what your favorites are in the comment section below!


This Tambor Acai bowl direct from the Tambor tent is a weekly treat for most locals on the North Shore of Kauai. It’s reasonably priced at $7.00, served in an upright cup that allows you to walk and shop while savoring the classic flavor, and topped with locally made Anahola granola and fresh apple bananas. This is only available during the Hanalei Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings from 9:30-12:00. Get your breakfast, pick up fresh produce for the week, and stop by to say hello to us at the Leahlani Skincare tent! We call this the one-stop-shop Acai bowl.

Photos @tamboracai


We know some of you are looking for the perfect instagram worthy breakfast. Wishing Well Shave Ice makes an Acai Bowl with a rainbow assortment of fresh local toppings that is sure to brighten up your profile! Located in the heart of Hanalei, Wishing Well is the cute truck parked along the main road. Their bowl is topped with papaya, banana, strawberries, granola, local honey, fresh coconut, and more! We also recommend their cold brew coffee and fruit blended shave ice!


This local health food shop might not be known for their acai bowl, but they should be! This cooling treat is blended with Tambor Acai, apple juice, and fresh strawberries then topped with bee pollen, raw local honey, organic bananas, and granola. Call ahead if you're in a time crunch and they'll have it ready for you. We love the smiling faces at Healthy Hut!

Photos @wishingwellshaveice


Located between the North and East sides of the island, Anahola is the perfect pit-stop to stretch your legs and re-fuel with a freshly made acai bowl. This is a staff favorite for sure! Sarah’s granola (from the local goat farm) is a delicious chunky granola served with peanuts, fresh coconut, banana, and a sprig of kale! 


When you've hit your acai limit (is that possible?), it's time to try a pitaya bowl! Aloha 'Aina is known for their bright pink pitaya (dragon fruit) bowls. This soft serve blend is topped with anahola granola, local bananas, and fresh berries. Make sure to get there before 3:00pm and don't stop by on a Sunday (they're closed). Enjoy the gorgeous color of this natural beauty and if you still feel like acai, don't worry they serve that too!


This smoothie shack is worth driving to the South side for. Living on the North Shore makes it more of a drive, but we are always happy to stop at Anake's and enjoy the company, atmosphere, and acai! They have several acai bowl options, local favorites include 'The Hulk' and 'Da Dragon'. They also serve amazing smoothies, juices, and snacks. Located in Old Koloa town, get your acai bowl and take a stroll through the cute streets of Koloa. 

Photos @kalaleajuicehale


Acai is a popular superfood berry grown in the Amazon flood plains. It has a beautiful deep purple shade and resembles the shape/size of a blueberry. The berry is mostly a seed, its the skin that is ground into a thick nutritious paste and used for its many health benefits. Acai is brimming with omega fatty acids and phytonutrients to maintain healthy cells and a vibrant glow. Fill your cells with rich antioxidants and skin-loving vitamins from the outside, in. That's right, we use organic acai fruit in our Kokoleka Dessert Detox Mask.


  • Jennifer: October 20, 2017

    We will be back to Kauai next month and I look forward to trying these….and seeing if I can find more of your skincare. I went to 2 shops last time and they were sold out on most things, but I was able to pick up a Mermaid Mask and Champagne Serum that I love!!

  • Michelle: October 20, 2017

    The King Kong from Kalalea Juice Hale is to die for! The Not So Simple from Healthy Cafe and the Lava Bowl from Coconut Cup Cafe are some other favorites. Kauai acai is the best! Thank you for this article. I have some new places to try now : )

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