Ingredient Spotlight: Blue Tansy



The first time that I encountered this beautiful, blue oil was during a waxing mishap during esthetician school. Flashback to 13 years ago, I was so excited to get my very first eyebrow wax, but the second the wax strip came off, my skin began to burn like no other- immediately turning red and inflamed. One of our instructors came running over with this tiny bottle of deep-blue, sweet-smelling bliss and gently dabbed it around the area and instantly, like magic, the burning dissipated and the inflammation was gone. I was shocked at just how effective one tiny drop of oil could be at helping to alleviate the burning. Needless to say, in that instant, I fell in love with Blue Tansy and it remains one of my all-time favorite essential oils (on par with Neroli). The magic of essential oils is unparalleled, and as we began to dive deep into the wonder of plant medicine during school- I fell deeper and deeper in love with these precious oils. Blue Tansy was the very first addition to my essential oil collection- and still remains my most treasured. 

Blue Tansy Essential Oil, also known as Moroccan Chamomile, comes from a seasonal crop in Northern Morocco and it requires optimal conditions to grow- making it quite rare and costly to obtain. It has a thicker viscosity and a rich and dreamy indigo blue color, reminiscent of the deep blue sea. The blue color comes from the natural chamazulene that is formed when the plant material is exposed to heat during distillation. Chamazulene is what makes Blue Tansy so magical at helping to calm and soothe skin irritation, reducing inflammation and redness almost instantly. It has a very distinctive scent, sweet like apples with a strong herbaceous aroma that immediately evokes a sense of peace and relaxation. I have noticed the variations in scent over the years with each new crop that I am supplied with, sometimes the warm and herbaceous scent overpowers the sweet, middle notes. The most recent crop, in my opinion, is the sweetest and most gorgeous one I have smelled yet. 


You can find Blue Tansy oil in both our Happy Hour Balancing Serum, Bless Aromatherapy Essence, Honey Love Microdermabrasion Exfoliator, and our Bless Beauty Balm.  With exception to our Bless Essences that is not intended for use on the face, these products work beautifully on sensitive and delicate skin types and will help to soothe and calm the complexion- reducing redness and irritation. 




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