How to host an at-home Spa Day

Gathering your circle of friends and taking time for yourself with others can be a very healing and rejuvenating experience, and most importantly- it is also a lot of FUN! We promise, you will want to make it a regular thing! We recently hosted a spa night and had the time of our lives sitting pretty in our white fluffy robes while sipping on champagne and wearing face masks. Everyone left feeling inspired so we wanted to share how this came together and how you can create your own spa-night in the comfort of your own home!

A little preparation goes a long way, so make sure to get your shopping lists in advance. Figure out how many people will be attending and set up the space in a welcoming and nurturing way so that you can get the most out of your time together. Serve a few light snacks and beverages and send everyone home with a little something to remember their night. Keep the event relaxed and casual but have a task or plan that the night can be organized around (we chose facials!).

First, start with decorating the space to set the 'spa vibe' mood. We found that plants really helped to bring a spa-like feeling into the room. You can pick some up at your local nursery or even gather your house plants from other rooms of the house that guests won't be going into during the party. Take out as much clutter as you can (children's toys, etc) and set the mood with candles and crystals to create the ultimate zen space. Purchase some fresh flowers and distribute throughout the room. Breaking up bouquets (even from the grocery store) into smaller bunches is a great way to have lots of fresh flowers around. Bring extra pillows and cushions for people to get comfortable. Light your candles and palo santo, put some lavender essential oil in the diffuser, think of all the elements when arranging your space. 

Make sure everyone has a fluffy white robe, comfy slippers, a bath towel, and face multiple cloths. We picked up our linens at the Macy's on Kauai, we don't have as many options as you might in your area. 

Have a service prepared to guide your guests through. Facials are a luxurious way to relax and a great way to walk your friends through some new techniques, learning together is fun. If you decide to do a facial, have two (or more) masks and two oils available for your guests. We chose the Kokoleka Mask and Siren Serum for ladies with oily and combination skin types and the Meli Glow Mask and Mahina Elixir for the ladies with a drier skin type. Have a designated 'facial bar' area to display all your products for your guests to select from. Bring stir sticks, mask brushes, and a few small dishes/bowls for your guests to activate and blend their products to create custom treatments for themselves. 

For a few ideas on facials, check out this beautiful pressure point facial massage with Britta Beauty or this facial massage for glowing skin using our Champagne Serum. Select someone to be in charge of walking the group through the facial. Using the oils to gently massage the face, you can do this in pairs or on your own. Touching someone else's face might seem daunting, but it's really easy and totally worth it once you break the ice. Masking can be done after the facial massage, sitting pretty for 10-15 minutes. This is a great time to catch up on life, sip champagne, or simply relax and enjoy. After the facial massage and mask, have toners and facial oils available for people to hydrate their skin for the rest of the evening. 

Prepare a large pitcher of fresh water and enough glasses for everyone. Cut some cucumber or citrus to add to the water for a spa feeling. Watermelon is always a nice option too! Have a bottle of champagne (or two) on hand for those who want to make the day extra special. We combined 1 bottle of champagne with 1 bottle of rosé and added fresh raspberries, peaches, and pineapple. It was a huge hit! 

Snacks can be kept simple. Fresh fruit platter, an arrangement of cheese and crackers from local venders, spreads (like hummus or olive tapenade) are nice, maybe even a fresh quinoa salad with roasted vegetables. Have smaller side plates, cutlery, and napkins available with your food.

Have a gift bag or table setting ready for each guest when they arrive. This is where you can put their white robe, towel, facecloth, and take-home gift together. Bath salts, a facial product (Bless Beauty Balm!), or a small plant are nice options for a gift. 


Shopping List:

- plants 
- fresh flowers 
- facial products (masks, oils, toners)
- bath robes, towels, face clothes for each guest
- champagne
- fruit (for water + fruit plate)
- snacks to serve (spreads, cheese, crackers, salads, etc)
- take home gift for each guest (Bless Beauty Balm)

Let us know how your spa day goes. Make sure to share your photos and tag us on instagram with your mermaid mask group selfies! Abundant aloha lovelies.

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