The Bless Box: A Special Collaboration


Our Bless Box is back, for a limited time only! Learn all about this special collaboration between Leah and her Mom, and get yours before they all disappear.



Bless means a lot to us. 

Six years ago I sought out to formulate a moisture melt that could inspire anyone to fall in love with the act of caring for their skin. What resulted was a Beauty Balm that I named Bless, which quickly became our most popular product. Its enchanting aromatherapeutic fragrance resonated so strongly with our customers that I turned it into a perfume. I called that Bless too. 

The term “bless” is used daily in my family, most often by my mother Jenny. It’s a one-word expression to say thank you, how precious, or how kind. “Bless" is a million little acts of love done daily without any want for attention. I’ve always seen my mom Jenny as the embodiment of “bless,” so I asked her to collaborate on this special limited edition expansion of the Bless collection.

The results are a luscious Bless Sea Salt Soap made by my mother at her KopaKauai Soap Company, and a dreamy bath soak made with healing Hawaiian salt crystals, rose and chamomile flowers, and calming essential oils.

Our deepest wish is for all that receive this gift to realize that they deserve the space, love, and positivity it contains. Indulge in these treasures; a steamy shower, a hot bath, a deep breath, and at the end of the day, and skin that’s kissed with aloha. This is a gift to be savored and thoroughly enjoyed.



A delicate daily moisture melt that nourishes skin with rich organic butters and cold-pressed beauty oils for unparalleled comfort, dewy softness and elasticity, while indulging the senses with intoxicating aromatherapeutic essences of orange blossom and blue tansy.


A fragrant escape for the senses, evoking the aroma of fresh rain falling on tropical citrus groves on a warm summer evening. Creamy neroli blossoms and sweet tansy swirls envelop the senses in a tropical bouquet of bliss, with a vivid hue reminiscent of the pristine Hawaiian sea. Bless can be used as a perfume or aromatherapy treatment, evoking grounding feelings of comfort, harmony, positivity and aloha. 


A deeply moisturizing sea salt shower soap created by The KopaKauai Soap Co. Its mineral-rich Hawaiian sea salt helps the skin absorb glycerine, a moisturizing by-product of handmade soap, working into a creamy lotion-like lather that smooths and softens skin. This long-lasting soap never leaves film or gummy residue, becoming more solid with use, like a beautiful polished stone.


Enhance your bathing ritual with Bless Beauty Bath, a mineral-rich aromatherapy soak. Grounding neroli blossoms, calming blue tansy oil, and sweet vanilla beans are blended into pure Hawaiian sea salt, creating a therapeutic and serene bathing experience. Envelop your entire being with comfort, relaxation, and abundant aloha.

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