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We are beyond delighted to announce our launch in the UK with Cult Beauty! This hub for hall of fame beauty and skincare products was founded by a team of British and American beauty junkies with a knack for finding wish list worthy products that you're certain to repurchase.

Their mission is to "demystify the beauty industry, combining consumer trials with the vast knowledge of our expert panel to filter out the blaggers and braggers from the gems that do what they say on the tin." Our tropical blends of Hawaiian nectars and vibrant botanicals are going to be sitting pretty on the virtual-shelves in London! Here's a few fun facts about the United Kingdom and Cult Beauty: 

Who should shop at Cult Beauty and why? Perks, etc?

Cult Beauty was born out of its co-founders’ frustration with the beauty industry – consistently seduced by marketing hyperbole, Alexia and Jessica were jaded by the years of hollow promises (and wasted money!), which is why they sought to cut through all the spiel and curate a cosmetic ‘Hall of Fame’. Cherry-picking products from established and burgeoning, under-the-radar ranges from around the world, Cult Beauty is the destination for those looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s a problem-solving treatment or a yet unheard-of oil, we pride ourselves on our transparency (we list full ingredients and publish all reviews) and only sell those products we believe in. You’ll find trend-led, affordable make up alongside indulgent, super-natural skin care – Brazilian body cream next to the coolest South Korean exports – all under one streamlined (good-looking!) digital roof.
What is a staple skincare item/product you would find in any British women's bathroom cabinet? (On Kauai it's coconut oil and Siren Serum!).

- British women are really receptive to skin care ‘newness’ and have whole-heartedly embraced the rise of facial oils. Linked to increased consciousness surrounding health and wellbeing, many customers are favouring ‘clean’ beauty, which is why so many have adopted one (or several) from the influx of all-natural elixirs. You’re bound to find a gorgeous oil amongst their trusted skin care stash, and more and more of our cult British brands are launching oils to sate our ever-more voracious cravings. 
If we were to find ourselves in the UK sometime, where is the best place to go for High Tea? 

 High tea is such an English institution! If you’re in London, you can’t go wrong with The Berkley’s brilliant Prêt-à-Portea, which – alongside the usual cucumber sandwiches, scones and any tea your heart desires – includes the cutest cakes and biscuits shaped and iced to look like Louboutins, designer frocks and beautiful ‘it’ bags. Quirkily cool, it’s the perfect (indulgent) pit-stop between shops. 
Cult Beauty is known for having the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty. What do you see becoming the next trend in skincare and what are your top British beauty influencers loving right now?

- We’re witnessing increased demand for ‘anti-pollution’ products, which are tipped to become as indispensable as sunscreen amongst global urbanites. Born out of South Korea, where the country’s beauty industry is always at the cutting-edge of innovation, products which deflect the everyday environmental stress are creeping into our collective consciousness, with terms like ‘anti-polluaging’ becoming as ubiquitous as SPF or anti-ageing. We’re also anticipating an influx of products which promise to deflect the damaging effects of HEV light – the ‘blue’ light emitted from screens which is proven to cause skin to age. With more of us glued to our laptops/phones and tablets everyday, the beauty pioneers are already beginning to find ways to ward against the detrimental side-effects of our ongoing tech obsession.

And when it comes to British beauty influencers, you’ll almost always find a cleansing balm, an acid toner (usually Pixi’s bestselling Glow Tonic) and a night serum or oil amongst their monthly favourites. Meticulous when it comes to caring for their complexions, double-cleansing is most certainly ‘a thing’, with make up-melting balms entrusted to dissolve the daily grime and leave skin spotless (Emma Hardie’s ‘Moringa’ is consistently awarded ‘Holy Grail’ status)!

Check out Cult Beauty's exclusive interview with our founder, Leah Klasovsky! 


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