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If you follow Sheri Stroh on Instagram, then you know that she is the queen of creating that perfect 'glow'! We were lucky enough to talk with Sheri about how she utilizes her favorite skincare products into her work as a professional makeup artist to obtain that dewy, natural, glow. Thank you so much Sheri! 



models: Leanne Proctor | Lizzy Salt | Olga Kaboulova | Dani Seitz 


You’re known for your ability to give every face that 'perfect dewy glow'. You’ve worked with some big names like Cate Blanchet and Penelope Cruz. Your work has been in fashion magazines around the globe and we’re so excited to ask you some insider questions today! Let's talk glow!



How do you find that perfect dewy balance without looking oily? 


SS ❤ You can see from my work that I love dewy, glowing skin, but there is a fine line between looking glowy and greasy and an everyday glow differs from a photoshoot gleam immensely. Finding the right products for your skin type is essential to creating the perfect canvas and sticking to that routine is very important. For myself personally, I am obsessed with balms and oils and keeping my face and neck as moisturized as possible. I always used to think I had oily skin so of course, like many of us do, I over-cleansed and stripped my skin bare and completely threw it off. Now I love to oil and balm cleanse and I exfoliate (gently, both manually and chemically depending on my time and preference) several times a week and my skin has never been better and, most importantly, more balanced. I use mists, serums, creams, oils, and balms (not all of them always, again, it depends on how my skin is day to day) and I really let every layer sink in before doing my make up. Misting your face will provide it with some added moisture and if you are new to oils it's a great way to introduce them into your regimen as mists help them to absorb easier. If after applying you still feel a little greasy, you can always blot off any excess oil with a tissue or sponge. 


What are some of your favorite products to create your signature natural-glow look? We’re flattered to see Leahlani serums in your kit!

 SS ❤ Skin in general is my number one concern so I start out with a facial mist or hydrosol to wake skin up and add moisture (I usually press some of it into the skin), then, when skin is still slightly damp I use a facial oil and/or cream that is best suited to the models/clients skin and really press and massage it in for a couple of minutes. This plumps up the face and gets the circulation going and the skin comes alive and usually doesn't need as much make-up as you would usually think. If the skin is super dry, to begin with, I will use a non-oil based serum first, usually one with hyaluronic acid in it and then use the oil. Foundation is great and all, but I think many women rely on it too much to cover up their skin; it's a personal preference I know, but I just love the texture of natural skin so the all-over thick foundation is never my ideal on myself or anyone I work on. I love cutting foundation with balms now to thin them out and impart even more glow, this way you get beautiful skin without it looking too cakey. After this step, I spot conceal lightly, only where needed and then I will spot powder in the t-zone and beside the nose with a puff or a sponge (and I use a very lightweight translucent powder for this). After all of this, and before any more make-up is applied, I will usually mist the face again to set everything and tone down any excess powder. Key products for me are your Aloha Ambrosia Elixir, Champagne or Siren Serums and your Bless Balm is AMAZING!!!


When looking for makeup to use over serums/oils, what do you look for? Any brands or ingredients that especially stand out or blend well?

ST ❤ Once the skin is prepped properly, most any make-up application will be easier and blending will be seamless. You can use whichever style of foundation you prefer be it matte, satin or dewy and you will probably need less because your skin is glowing and moisturized. Lines like Gressa, Vapour, Jane Iredale, FitGlow all offer different amounts of coverage that work well with natural skincare.


What about when the models don’t have perfect skin? Any good tips for healing and concealing blemishes?

SS ❤ I'm not the hugest fan of covering up spots and blemishes with heavy make-up; it not only draws more attention to your skin (and usually not in a good way), but it also hinders any healing the skin needs to do. Most often I will use a light to medium weight concealer to spot conceal, but I don't worry if you can still see some of them. That is for every day though and of course, for a photo shoot or TV appearance/press, I need to deal with breakouts and congested skin so I will use whatever coverage of foundation needed and then spot conceal with a medium to full coverage concealer by using a brush and patting around the edges and then I will press powder to overtop of it to set it. 

I realize that breakouts and skin issues can be very detrimental to one's self-esteem though, so I will always do my best to recommend the correct make-up to help AND I will always talk skincare and diet and recommend seeing a naturopath to see what is going on internally as that is where these conditions start.


What’s one product you always splurge on? 

SS ❤ I would always splurge on an amazing facial oil and facial mask (when it comes to skincare) and for make-up, it is always foundation or concealer. You want the best base possible and when you splurge, you are getting high-quality ingredients to give you that. And if I really feel like treating myself, I LOVE facials, they're so healing and relaxing!


What inspires your work and the looks you create?

SS ❤  I'm inspired by so much! When it's a photoshoot, it can depend on the lighting, the overall mood, the model and her features, the clothing, how I am feeling, how the model is feeling, what I have seen on my way to work, what new products do I want to play with, what haven't I used in a while, have I made any mistakes on myself that turned out not to be mistakes haha, and of course people watching. Always.



Have you had any regrettable beauty moments over the years? 

SS ❤ I have had so many 'interesting' beauty moments over the years hahaha! I wouldn't call them regrettable, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was obsessed with make-up in the 80's and 90's (when make-up wasn't all that pretty!). From the 80's: Bangs that basically looked like cauliflower and never moved, perms, lots and lots of perms, but I also colored my hair blonde in grade 8, on a Wednesday night, without telling my parents. They weren't impressed and neither was I (I shouldn't be blonde at all). I also wore a ton of (orange) foundation because I thought my skin looked really amazing with it on, I was wrong. In the 90's it was lots of visible lip liner and an obsession with removing every little bit of shine on my face with a ton of powder foundation, dewy was NOT in at all so my oily skin just didn't cut it. I guess my only true regret is going all Drew Barrymore in Mad Love with my eyebrows, they haven't been the same since lol. Oh well.


We know you educate your clients on everything beauty related but what have your clients taught you about beauty?

SS ❤ My clients have taught me so much and I'm sure they don't even realize it (and I probably haven't even realized some of these lessons yet, sometimes it takes a while to hit home). They have not only taught me techniques that they know work for them or that they have learned on set with other artists, but they also teach me a lot about myself and how to be thankful and gracious and happy to do what I am doing and have fun too. They teach me that there is more to life than work and they reaffirm that we are so lucky to be able to do what we do. Energy is contagious and I learn from their energy how to treat them while they sit in my chair and we get to know each other. My job may sometimes seem very fluffy and shallow, but it is the make-up artist's job to not only make the client look good, but also feel good and it is an amazing feeling when you accomplish that (whether it was easy or not lol).


What's your favorite way to wind down/de-stress?

SS ❤ I wind down many different ways depending on the time of day and my mood. TV is a great zone out for me (especially comedy), I know, really deep answer haha! Going on hikes or walks with my husband, tennis, pilates, yoga......sometimes I just need to exercise. I want to get more into meditation but I need to train myself to actually do it and not get distracted or procrastinate. The same goes for gardening (which my husband it teaching me about). Stretching, salt baths, hanging out in our backyard on a beautiful day or night with some wine (and watching all of the birds), hanging out with my girlfriends, taking drives into the country when we see that a house or farm are for sale. And little naps definitely naps.


Other than using good quality skincare and makeup, do you have any other rituals that help with your glow?

SS ❤ Trying to stay hydrated, eating well (but I always treat myself, I have no willpower when it comes to certain foods) but I'm a food snob haha and I don't like cheap versions that are filled with fillers, I like authentic and real. Laughter, I love laughing. Dancing around, be it in my house, on the job or even in my car (it is honestly rare that I would go out anywhere to actually dance anymore so I'm always up for weddings now lol). Exercise. Not wasting my time with things I don't want to do, this goes for work and not work. 










Sheri works for the Plutino Group. You can find her portfolio and bio HERE. You can also see her work on instagram @sheristroh. Sheri is an industry leader in product knowledge and believes that makeup is a tool of enhancement that that one should enjoy :)

Thank you so much Sheri for your time and your answers, we are huge fans of yours! 

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